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Ed.S. in Educational Leadership

The Specialist in Educational Leadership (Ed.S.) degree is a rigorous and challenging program ‌that is fast-paced. Successful completion is contingent on being highly-motivated and able to balance professional and personal commitments with the demands of graduate coursework. Computer literacy consisting of the use of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, the internet, and course management software is central to student success and coursework. As a result, access to high-speed internet connections, a webcam, and contemporary computing equipment are required. Candidates may begin the program in the Summer or Fall. 

The Specialist in Educational Leadership degree program requires completion of 33 semester hours of graduate work. The program uses a hybrid approach of hybrid and online courses. It is expected that students who successfully complete the Ed.S. in Educational Leadership degree program will qualify for licensure as a school superintendent in South Carolina or will occupy key leadership positions in the school system (e.g., assistant superintendents, professional development specialists, program directors) and be committed to improving student achievement.‌‌


  • EDAD 701: Advanced Theory and Practice of Leadership and Management
  • EDAD 789: The Superintendency and District-Level Leadership
  • EDAD 760: Instructional Leadership and Supervision
  • EDAD 780: Politics and Policy of Education
  • EDAD 777: School Facilities
  • EDAD 735: School District Finance
  • EDAD 786: Topics in Educational Leadership
  • EDAD 788: Action Research


  • EDAD 794: District-Level Internship I
  • EDAD 790: Seminar in Educational Leadership
  • EDAD 795: District-Level Internship II

Note: Candidates for district-level licensure must have a minimum of three (3) years of teaching experience and must also pass the Praxis II Exam (Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision) in order to qualify for administrative licensure.

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For those interested in professional development, three courses (nine credit hours) in the program may be taken without matriculating contingent upon space availability and permission of the instructor and the program coordinator.

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