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Journal of Political Science

‌The Journal of Political Science (ISSN-0587-0577) is the official journal of the South Carolina Political Science Association and published annually by Athenaeum Press. JoPS seeks to publish original research of high quality that contributes to all subfields of political science. We especially welcome research on Southern politics and politics on the state of South Carolina. 

Journal of Political Science 2012 (v. 40)

Table of Contents 

  • The Role of Precedent and Case Salience on Judicial Decision-Making: Is
    Justice Anthony Kennedy a Moderate or a Staunch Conservative on the U.S. 
    upreme Court?
    Paul Foote, East Kentucky University

  • Judicial Selection in Texas: A study of General Election Outcomes: 1988-2004
    Billy Monroe, Prairie View A&M University
    Dr. Lee Payne, Stephen F. Austin State University

    The Effects of Professional and Citizen Legislative Structure on Women and Men Legislators
    Donald E. Whistler, University of Central Arkansas
    Mark C. Ellickson, Missouri State University

  • The Effect of Political Advertising on Voter Participation
    Frederick S. Wood, Coastal Carolina University
    Jeremy F. Duff, Midwestern State University