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Where can I print or make copies?

CINO Printing Locations

  1. Kimbel Library: 1st floor and 2nd floor.
  2. Kearns Hall Room 113: Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) Computer Lab
  3. Edwards Humanities and Fine Arts Building Room 171: EHFA Computer Lab
  4. Wall Building Room 204: Wall Computer Lab
  5. CINO Residence Hall - Front Desk
  6. TEAL Residence Hall - Front Desk
  7. Tradition Residence Hall -Front Desk
  8. Chanticleer Residence Hall - Front Desk
  9. University Place- Activity House
  10. Eaglin Residence Hall Room 119
  11. Ingle Residence Hall Room 142 - NEW!
  12. Your personal computer! (see below)
How do I print from my personal computer?

Install the printer software (choose Windows or Mac OS X first) applicable and then choose the applicable printing location you will use.

How to print from a lab computer or personal computer (after installation is complete and computer is restarted):

  1. To send a print job to the print release station, print your file as you normally would. A pop-up will appear.
  2. Enter a username and password for your print job (does not have to be your CCU username/password).
  3. At the print release station, swipe your CINO Card. A list of all jobs will be displayed.
  4. Select your print job (or hold Crtl and select multiple jobs).
  5. Press the "PRINT" button. A password box will appear.
  6. Enter your password for that print job.
  7. Once the correct password has been entered, the print job will be printed at the designated printer.
  8. When you are done printing select the "Log Off" button to exit.
Where can I find color printers?

Color printers are located on the first floor of Kimbel Library by the Circulation Desk, on the first floor of Bryan Information Commons near the help desk, in the Wall Lab Room 204, and in the Student Computing Services -CAI Lab in Kearns Hall 113.

How does CINO Printing work?

CINO Printing is a green printing solution that uses authentication before print jobs go to the printer. This helps eliminate waste and saves money for students. CINO Printing is available to students in all of the computer labs on campus. CINO Printing costs 5 cents/black and white and 35 cents/color.

As an added value, all students are given a $5 printing credit every Fall and Spring semester that can be used in any of the CINO Printing locations listed above. Once the credit is exhausted, the student will need to have CINO Cash on their CINO Card to continue printing.

If this is the student's first time using CINO Cash, the student will need to visit the CINO Card Office to place funds on the CINO Card. Thereafter, additional funds can be added at the CINO Card Office in Baxley Hall 101 or online here. For more information about the CINO card, click here.

Where can I find a scanner?
  • Visit the Kimbel Library website for more information about library scanners and printers available.
  • There are two scanners available in the Student Computing Services - CAI Lab in Kearns Hall 113, located on both a PC and a Mac, for your convenience.
How do I send a fax?
  • Kimbel Library has developed a guide for using a free online fax service. Learn more »
  • Students may also visit the ITS Service Center in Wall 105 for assistance sending a fax. 
Is there a place to recharge my mobile devices?

Yes, there are charging stations available in Kimbel Library, Bryan Information Commons, and AOC2-1st Floor.

Are there spaces on campus equipped with technology for group presentations and group study?

Bryan Information Commons has presentation and group study rooms with various technologies available. Learn more »