Phase 2

CCU's Current
Operational Phase

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New Positive Cases

Apr. 22– Apr. 28


New Positive Cases

Apr. 22 – Apr. 28


New Positive Cases

Apr. 22 – Apr. 28


Positive Cases

June 8 to Apr. 28

Coastal Carolina University’s COVID-19 campus case numbers listed above will be updated each Friday. Data is collected weekly with a cut-off point of Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Data reported on this dashboard began on June 8, 2020, as student-athletes resumed limited activities in preparation for the 2020-2021 academic year. The cumulative numbers reported above reflect the combined totals of all University symptomatic testing results per SC DHEC guidance, regular surveillance testing results of student-athletes per NCAA guidelines, and positive test results reported by students, employees, and University affiliates.

NOTE: Data in the information blocks above and the dashboard below are from separate systems and may not match when first updated. If the information does not match, please wait a few minutes and refresh your screen.

* University affiliates are personnel engaged by another entity to perform services for the University on campus.

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