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Academics Action Plan

  • All academic buildings are marked for physical distancing, including traffic flow and classroom seating.
  • Masks are required inside all academic buildings, including classrooms. Faculty are using clear face shields with glass barriers for protection without interference with lecturing.
  • Faculty and students are provided access to technology including laptop lending from the library for students, with webcams and iPads provided to faculty. Students who need assistance with reliable internet access may also be eligible to borrow a wireless hotspot from Kimbel Library.
  • The Coastal Office of Online Learning (COOL) and Center for Teaching Excellence to Advance Learning (CeTEAL) are continuously evaluating and updating digital learning and instructional technology training for faculty to ensure all courses, despite their modality and delivery, are engaging for students. Departments and individuals are encouraged to create no-touch and paperless environments. The Office of the Registrar, in conjunction with the Provost’s Office, is continuing to develop online forms for existing University processes. Faculty and students are encouraged to use touchless submission for assignments.
  • Students will continuously be given the opportunity to identify the learning model that works best for them. Some may be comfortable with the social distancing and protective measures enacted on campus and choose to return for face-to-face classes, while others may choose to attend classes remotely. In order to accommodate everyone, courses are designed for both face-to-face instruction and livestreaming. In Spring 2021, a limited number of courses will be provided in the classroom only, with appropriate accommodations available should a student need to quarantine or self-isolate.
  • Students are asked to indicate how they prefer to attend classes this spring. For most courses, they have the option to choose “streaming” or “face-to-face.” This allows our faculty to best plan their instruction and anticipate who will attend virtually and who will be present in the classroom. 
  • Please note that the choice a student makes for each class — face-to-face or streaming — will not necessarily change their course schedule. In most cases, students keep the same instructor and the same class time, and are expected to observe attendance policies and participate in real time with their classmates.