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Activities, Events, and Experiences

The CCU Events and Experiences Screening Committee will review requests for events on campus. The committee will ensure that all events are following the Coastal Comeback Plan standards. The Office of Scheduling and Space Management leads the CCU Activities, Events, and Experiences Committee and will set requirements for a new reservation/request during each phase.

Event guidelines for Phase 2

Depending upon the availability of space and guidance from SCDHEC and CDC, the CCU Activities, Events, and Experiences Screening Committee will permit the expansion of face-to-face events and experiences, including student organizations.

  • Student organizations will be allowed to meet face-to-face if following proper public health protocols. Due to limited space, groups that typically meet every week will need to host some of those meetings virtually. Student organizations will have additional guidance from the Office of Student Life that will be posted in Coastal Connections.
  • More opportunities will be allowed for faculty and staff to host in-person gatherings.
  • External visitors to campus will only be allowed on campus for recruitment purposes or as needed for the business of the University.

Acceptable event locations

Events can only be requested for the following locations, and the list can be expanded at any time by the Office of Scheduling and Space Management: AOC2*210, ATNM*105, BCMW*100, BRTH*112, EHFA*152, EHFA*164, EHFA*246, EHFA*247, EHFA*248, EHFA*249, EHFA*253, EHFA*256, HTC*207, LJSU*A110, LJSU*A201, LJSU*Rotunda (tabling only), SNGL Ballroom, WALL*116, WALL*206, WALL*211, WALL*222, WALL*225, WALL*309, WALL*317, WALL*318, WALL*322, WB*153, WB*100 and outdoor locations. More details can be found in 25Live Pro.

Off-campus events cannot be used to circumvent the University’s event guidance. Departments should submit off-campus event requests through 25Live Pro, and student organizations should follow the Office of Student Life process.

If your event cannot be held in one of these locations due to the nature of your event, please email

Applying to hold an event

Requestors will complete a comprehensive application through 25Live Pro that will supply details of how their event plan will maintain the Coastal Comeback Plan standards. Requests should be made at least 14 days prior to the event.

Areas to be addressed in the planning application include:

  • Attendance/capacity control.
  • Attendance tracking/contact tracing.
  • Sanitation plan.

A complete checklist for requestors is available on the Office of Scheduling and Space Management webpage.

Limits on capacity for physical distancing, as well as sanitization requirements, will be a major factor in decision-making. 

Approvals will be dependent upon guidance from the Emergency Management Executive Group. Events with expected attendance of 100 or more participants will also be reviewed by the Emergency Management Executive Group before final approval.


If a violation of COVID-19 requirements during an activity, event, or experience is seen, please report this to the Office of Scheduling and Space Management at Photos or videos are encouraged in this report, but a written statement will be taken into consideration. Consequences for violations of the Coastal Comeback Plan for departments or organizations can include being banned from having events for the rest of the semester. The appropriate Executive Council member will be notified of all violations that fall under their area.

External Events on Campus

Due to limited space on campus and concerns for maintaining the safety and welfare for the campus community, only returning external clients will be allowed to hold events on campus during Phase 2. This is not a guarantee that returning clients will be able to host their events on campus, due to limited availability. A safety plan will have to be submitted and reviewed by the CCU Events and Experiences Screening Committee and approved by the Emergency Management Executive Group before a Contract for Use of Campus Facilities can be executed.

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