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Activities, Events, and Experiences

The CCU Events and Experiences Screening Committee will review requests for events on campus. The committee will ensure that all events are following the Coastal Comeback Plan standards. The Office of Scheduling and Space Management will lead the committee and set requirements for a new reservation/request during each phase.

Phase I Event Guidelines

  • Student organizations will only meet virtually.
  • Only allow face-to-face events that serve the purpose of the University.
  • Only allow external visitors to campus for recruitment purposes or needed for the business of the University.
  • Venue capacities will be limited to ensure social distancing.

Requestors will complete a comprehensive application through 25Live Pro that would supply their plan for maintaining the Coastal Comeback Plan standards as well as justification for the need to host the event or experience. All requests would need to be made at least 14 days prior to the event; exemptions can be requested to the Office of Scheduling and Space Management.

Items to be addressed in the Planning Application (a complete checklist for requestors will be available via the Office of Scheduling and Space Management webpage):

  • Maintaining physical distancing – entering, during, and exiting.
  • Facial coverings.
  • Attendance/capacity control.
  • Attendance tracking/contact tracing.
  • Hand sanitizer availability.

Limits on capacity for physical distancing as well as sanitization requirements will be a major factor in decision making. 

Any faculty, staff, student, and community member must request permission for any face-to-face gathering outside of academic classes (examples: meetings, trainings, tours, speakers, performances, programming, etc.). The committee recognizes that due to the varying nature of the activities, events, and experiences held each semester at CCU, individual departments may have needs arise based on external and internal circumstances. These issues shall be submitted for a case-by-case review to the Events and Experiences Screening Committee per guidelines above.

Approvals will be dependent on guidance from the Executive Team.

However, in Phase I (soft comeback), all activities and events will need to be online with limited exceptions.

Exceptions will be determined by the CCU Events and Experiences Screening Committee. Those exceptions must be critical to the business of the University and the well-being of the students and must meet the guidelines of both the CDC and SCDHEC.

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External Events on Campus

Due to limited space on campus and concerns for maintaining the safety and welfare for the campus community, there will be no external events held on the CCU campus during Phases I and II. Previously contracted events and exceptions will be reviewed by the Events and Experiences Screening Committee, and will only continue if they are able to do so while maintaining the standards of safety.

Requests for Spring 2021 and beyond will be decided when the University enters Phase III.

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The permission of athletic competition events to allow spectators will be dictated by the governing bodies of the SCDHEC, CDC, NCAA, and Sun Belt Conference. They will also be addressed by the Athletics and Recreation Committee.

However, any gathering around competition events are subject to further restriction.

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Phase II

Depending upon the availability of space and guidance from SCDHEC and CDC, the CCU Events and Experiences Screening Committee will permit the expansion face-to-face events and experiences, including student organizations.

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Event Guidelines:
  • Start to allow student organizations to meet face-to-face. Due to limited space, groups that typically meet every week would need to host some of those meetings virtually.
  • More opportunities for faculty and staff to host in-person gatherings.

External visitors to campus will only be allowed on campus for recruitment purposes or as needed for the business of the University.

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Phase III

For Phase III (return to regular operations), the CCU Events and Experiences Committee will remain for the initial transition back to regular operations and will begin to phase out over a period of four to six weeks.

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