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International Students and Programs

Ensure international students physically present on student visas are able to maintain the requirements of their visa status. 
  • Ensure compliance with shifting immigration regulations is met for all international
  • Maintain communication with students and CCU departments to support student and campus awareness of regulations and coordinate class schedules that meet requirements.
  • Maintain filing status with federal immigration authorities on campus reopening plans, including reporting any adjustment to campus practices to the Department of Homeland Security within 10 days.
  • Evaluate and facilitate, as needed, access to on-campus alternative locations for visa-holding international students to participate in live-streaming classes to meet in-person attendance requirements of their visas.
Facilitate adjustments for international students who are unable to re-enter the USA for Fall 2021. 
  • Deliver appropriately accurate immigration advice and support in documentation/mentoring to each student affected by this disruption so that they remain in compliance.
  • Collaborate with campus units to help students who cannot return to the U.S. to adjust to a fully online schedule for semesters in which they cannot come to campus or to defer admission or return for a later semester. 
Establish and communicate to the campus community the timeline, constraints, and recruitment strategies required to reopen education abroad programs and University travel, both domestic and international.  
  • Continue suspension through the end of Spring Semester (early May) 2021 of all international travel on behalf of Coastal Carolina University.
  • Resume domestic and international travel on a case-by-case basis, with adjusted protocols to support health, safety, and security and with the approval of executive council member with physical mobility able to be requested to begin on the following timeline:
    • Immediately: Domestic and international research.
    • May 15, 2021: Domestic and international travel for conference, professional development, faculty/staff travel with students for conference, competition or research, or student group/organization travel.
    • July 1, 2021: Student travel for education abroad programs for exchange, international internship, or third-party provider programs for Summer or Fall 2021.
    • Dec. 15, 2021: Faculty-led short-term education abroad programs.

Further details of the application and review processes adaptations; resources to support healthy, safe, and secure travel; and university evaluation, preparation to travel, and support and securing of travelers are provided via

  • All University travelers are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before travel. Regardless of vaccination status, all University travelers will need to complete the Attestation of COVID-19 Test or Vaccination before departing for their travel and within 72 hour of return from travel. See more about return to travel requirements at
  • Unless the traveler has either been vaccinated against COVID-19 within three months of the period of travel or has had a positive COVID-19 test within the last 90 days, each person traveling on University-sponsored travel authorizations (both domestic and international) are expected to complete and provide Attestation of COVID-19 Test or Vaccination within 72 hours before travel and again within 72 hours of return to campus after travel and to follow all University guidelines related to quarantine after travel. In addition, local destinations or transportation services may require COVID testing or vaccination to enter/use the services, and therefore travelers must remain aware of these requirements and restrictions. Resources to help travelers remain aware of these changing restrictions and requirements are provided at
  • If a traveler tests positive for COVID-19 in the 72-hour window before departure, the traveler must not travel, should immediately isolate, follow the Employee and Supervisor COVID Protocol or Student COVID Reporting Protocol (, and contact the department sponsoring the travel to cancel arrangements to work to recover expenses paid or committed.
  • All University travelers are also expected to follow COVID guidelines of the University as well as all conveyances, jurisdictions to and through which they travel. Additional information and resources to support full awareness of these restrictions are provided at
  • Continue to advance information and initiatives on virtual international engagement opportunities. 
  • Reengage in bringing international scholars and international visiting lecturers as permitted by the campus visitor protocols in Phase 2.

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