Phase One - Soft Comeback

Phase One serves as the University’s transition period, slowly re-introducing the workforce back to campus, expanding operations, and welcoming students back to campus. There will be extensive prevention and mitigation measures on campus to safeguard the University community.

Oct. 16, 2020

In reviewing the bi-weekly report of CCU’S COVID-19 Transition Advisory Group, the Emergency Management Executive Group made the decision to remain in Phase One and continue monitoring  the health of the campus community. While the COVID-19 cases on campus have seen a regular decline, we understand that the national trends are moving in the opposite direction, and areas in Horry County are experiencing increases in COVID-19 cases.

“As Coastal is part of the community, we should recognize that we are subject to its impacts,” Fredanna McGough, Health Sciences professor and member of CCU’s COVID-19 Transition Advisory Group.

Considering those trends, we must remain vigilant while on and off campus by continuing to follow CDC guidelines – wear our masks, physical distance, and wash our hands thoroughly and often.