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Step 3: Ensure VIPs are Available


Checking VIPs/University Leadership availability:

To check Board of Trustees’ availability to play a key role in your event contact Nedy Campbell in the Office of the President ext. 2005 or To check the availability of the President’s Council, Deans or External Boards (Horry County Higher Education Commission, Coastal Educational Foundation, Chanticleer Athletic Foundation, Coastal Carolina University Alumni Association and Board of visitors) work via administrative assistants. 

Procedures for Scheduling and Communicating with the President:

When planning any special event that involves participation of President DeCenzo, please contact Jennifer Packard in the Office of the President at 843-349-2002 or to check Dr. DeCenzo’s availability for potential dates. Indicate the level of representation you are requesting from the President. There are three major categories: host or co- host, participant/speaker, or guest. The appropriate level of involvement will be dependent on the type of event. The definitions of these three types of events are as follows:

Host/Co-host: The President should host events initiated by his office or involving a university-wide audience. If an event is hosted by a single campus, department, or institution, it may by appropriate for the President to co-host with the appropriate campus, department, or institution host. 

Participant/Speaker: The President participates in an official capacity as part of the event program; however, the event is hosted by someone from a campus, department or institution.

Guest: When the hosting campus, department or institution needs to be the  “face” of the event, the President can serve as a guest. Clarification should be provided to Jennifer Packard when checking the President’s calendar.

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  • Provide detailed event information to Jennifer Packard for briefing the President two weeks prior to event date: invited guests list (with responses), seating chart, and speaking points for the President (if applicable).