Step 8: Promote Your Event - Coastal Carolina University
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Step 8: Promote Your Event

Effective event promotion is essential in ensuring your attendees are informed of all the significant details of your event. After determining your purpose, target audience, and budget, you can more accurately tailor your promotion to the needs of your event.

Save the Date, Invitation, and Program:

Press Releases:

Solicit the help of University Communications in developing and send a press release. Contact Caroline Rohr, media relations coordinator, at 843-349-6524 or

On Campus Advertising:

Contact Lindsi Glass at ext. 2809 or, to advertise on the plasma screens around campus.

Digital Marquee
Contact Porter Medley, at ext. 2131 or about advertising your event on the electronic marquee on 501.  

The Chanticleer Newspaper 
The Chanticleer is Coastal Carolina University’s student-run weekly newspaper. Click here to view past issues of The Chanticleer. For more information regarding The Chanticleer Newspaper, contact the editor at 843-349-2330.   

Coastal Now TV Show  
“Coastal Now, an insider look at CCU” is the official television and web show for Coastal Carolina University, hosted by Robin Russell. The show features the stories of the university and showcases the campus’ dynamic activities and people. For more information, contact Martha Hunn at 843-3490-2962 or

The Atheneum 
The Atheneum is Coastal Carolina University’s online monthly employee newsletter. The mission of The Atheneum is to cover the CCU campus in a candid and personal way. The Atheneum focuses on connecting faculty and staff to one another, to the campus community and the wider world community. For information regarding The Atheneum, contact Lindsi Glass at 843-349-2809 or 

CCU Social Media 
Click here for a comprehensive directory of all campus and media accounts and much more. For more information regarding CCU Social Media, contact Brent Reser at 843-349-4135 or              

Banners, Flyers and Freestanding Signs  
Student, student organization, faculty/staff, and departments commonly post signs in designated locations as a mean of informing the university community of events which they are sponsoring. The university allows this practice within regulations designated to reasonably governing the time, place, and manner for the protection of the event sponsor and the appearance of the campus. Click here  (to view the Coastal Carolina University Student Organization Handbook-page 20 - Sign and Banner Policy).  


Off-Campus Advertising:

For information regarding advertising for your CCU event off-campus contact Lindsi Glass at 843-349-2809 or