Step: 9 Execute Event

1-2 Days Prior

  • Hold a seating meeting to determine where each guest will sit, or speakers/honorees and their guest will sit. 
  • Create a final to-do list to determine if all tasks are completed 
  • Purchase flowers arrangments if not provided but desired.
  • Recheck all equipment/materials to ensure nothing is damaged, and quantity is correct.
  • Reconfirm schedule with the caterer.
  • Decorate room if desired.
  • Display parking/directional signs.
  • Check the weather.
  • Conduct a walk-through.
  • Form an attendee spreadsheet that can be used to check guests in and to make name tags.
  • Design and print nametags, and print extra plain ones for last-minute additions.
  • Design and print table numbers and/or reserved signs if needed.
  • Create an "Event Day Survival Kit," to include pens, sharpies, tape, scissors, copies of scripts, volunteer assignments, etc.
  • Email final script, guest list, seating assignments, and event schedule to committee, speakers, hosts. It is also beneficial to send an updated schedule of event to the photographer and whoever is working AV. 
  • Ensure all appropriate contacts' info is listed where it can be easily retrieved.

Day of Event

  • Arrive early and do one last walk-through.
  • Ensure all speaker/honoree materials are correctly labeled and in place.
  • Check all set-up.
  • Place name tags and set-up registration area.
  • Ensure all work orders have been completed.
  • Put out reserve signs.
  • Conduct a sound check and test any technology that will be utilized during the event.