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From the CCU President

With student learning at the heart of the mission of Coastal Carolina University, we must also look to one another to support this endeavor and build a community that is committed to excellence. To this end, I created the Staff Advisory Council with a twofold purpose:

  • To facilitate an active and participatory line of communication and engagement among the University community, especially staff, and
  • To provide a forum through which staff can raise, discuss, and make direct recommendations to me in support of the University's mission.

As a representative group of staff from throughout the University community, the Staff Advisory Council seeks to ensure that Coastal Carolina University is a positive and productive learning and working environment where integrity, tolerance and respect are affirmed. I encourage all staff to be active participants in the life of their University; the Staff Advisory Council is one way to make your voices heard as all of us continue on our shared path to excellence.

David A. DeCenzo
President, Coastal Carolina University