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Staff Advisory Council

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Council Members


Name Email Office Extension

End Date

Dan Lawless dan@coastal.edu

Office of the Registrar, Council Chair

2021 6/30/2018
Matthew Vanderbilt mvanderbi@coastal.edu Human Resources 2747 6/30/2018
Lee Carter ecarter@coastal.edu Alcohol & Drug Prevention & Counseling Services 4156 6/30/2018
Debbie Burch daburch@coastal.edu Wall College of Business 2155 6/30/2018
Dee Braswell dbraswell@coastal.edu Public Safety 2549 6/30/2018
Mark Garrison mgarriso@coastal.edu Admissions 2615 6/30/2018
Lynn Fox lynnfox@coastal.edu Office for Philanthropy 2158 6/30/2018
Jerry Starling jstarlin@coastal.edu Facilities Management 2676 6/30/2018
Molly French mfrench@coastal.edu Institutional Research and Assement 2294 6/30/2018
Brent Resser


 University Communications 4135  6/30/2018
Lawrence Jones


Information Technology Services 6437 6/30/2018
Sharon Sluys ssluys@coastal.edu Student Accounts 2038 6/30/2018
Shametra Graves sgraves@coastal.edu

Kimbel Library

2405 6/30/2018
Tara Josey tjosey@coastal.edu University Recreation 22815 6/30/2018
Sheila Lagasse slagasse@coastal.edu Recorder