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CCU Staff Senate Members

The Staff Senate is composed of voting members chosen and appointed to represent groupings of departments with similar job functions. Representational groups of less than 60 staff constituents are represented by one senator. Representational groups of 60 or more staff constituents are represented by two senators. Staff Senate members are Coastal Carolina University staff members in full-time permanent classified, unclassified/athletics or unclassified/other position, or in a full-time research grant, temporary grant or time-limited position.

An asterisk (*) denotes members of the Staff Senate Executive Committee.

Representational Group
Senator department, if different from group name
Term (yrs.)
Academic Student Services Mark Garrison Admissions and Merit Awards 3
Academic Student Services Margaret Hurt Financial Aid and Scholarships 2
Athletics Dwayne Beam 3
Athletics Bryce Skipper 2
Auxiliary Enterprise Services (non‐Facilities) Sandra Baldridge‐Adrian * Contractual and Business Services 3
Campus Life–Student Services and Events Gregory Nance Veterans Services 2
Campus Life–Student Wellness Michael Cruise LiveWell Office 3
College of Business Bobbi Yurkin Finance and Economics
College of Education Amanda Darden Dean's Office 2
College of Humanities and Fine Arts Allison Crandell Dean's Office 3
College of Science Melanie McKeefery Computing Sciences 3
College, Honors Michele Varga Advising Center
Communications Judy Johns Photography 3
Community‐Facing Departments Lynn Fox * Office for Philanthropy 2
Executive Initiatives Cecilia Finch Dean of Students Office 2
Facilities Wendy Singleton * Planning and Management 2
Facilities Sandy Hatcher Custodial Services 3
Faculty Services Jean Bennett CeTEAL 2
Finance Carolyn Bender Financial Services 2
HREO and Staff Development John Dooley Human Resources 3
Information Technology Services Dawn Hitchcock 2
Kimbel Library Marcus Holmes 3
Public Safety Shaun Bannon 2
Public Safety Travis Youngblood 3
University Housing Sharon McCants 2
University Housing Justin Poindexter 3
Upper Administration and IRAA  David Yancey * Provost's Office 3