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Perkins Loan

Federal Perkins Loans are awarded through Financial Aid and Scholarships. For information on eligibility for this type of loan please contact Financial Aid and Scholarships at 843-349-2313. If a student is awarded this loan, a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Loan Counseling must be completed electronically through If student is unable to complete the electronic process, these documents can be completed in the Office of Student Accounts.

This loan has a nine-month grace period before repayment begins after a student graduates. An exit interview is mandatory and must be completed upon graduation. The student must go online to and complete this information electronically. If the student does not have access to a computer, there is a guest computer available in the Office of Student Accounts as well as many other locations on campus. Should a student transfer to another university or choose not to take classes for a semester, this interview must still be completed. Also, once repayment has begun and a student should incur financial difficulty, different options are available to assist in deferment, cancellation or forbearance. It is the responsibility of the student to request one of these options.

When repayment of this type of loan is due, Coastal Carolina University uses an outside billing service called University Accounting Service, which is monitored by the on-campus Office of Student Accounts. Most correspondence will be through University Accounting Service.

For questions concerning this type of loan, please contact the Perkins Loan coordinator in the Office of Student Accounts via phone 843-349-2245 or