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WebAdvisor for Parents & Guardians

All students now have the ability to provide online authorization(s) for third parties (parent, guardian or other) to access their financial account information through a new secure WebAdvisor portal for parents/guardians. We believe this service can benefit all students relying on parents and/or others to assist them with their financial obligations. We are additionally confident this process will ease the parent's concerns by the ability to help their students while ensuring we comply with regulatory student privacy guidelines.

This process will allow a student to formally document their authorization through the student portal of WebAdvisor and provide third-party email information to assist with communication regarding the student's financial accounts.

Authorization may be submitted electronically through WebAdvisor if the Parent/Guardian name is listed. After clicking the link, click Login and use your Coastal Carolina University login and password, then look under Communication on the left for Allow WebAdvisor for Parents & Guardians. Enter an email address for each Parent or Guardian and check the "Allow" box to authorize access your financial account.

If the name of the Parent/Guardian is not listed and you wish to grant them access, a Student Relations Update form must be completed. Once your request has been processed by the Office of the Registrar, the name should appear in WebAdvisor so you may allow access.

If you have difficulties accessing Webadvisor, please contact Student Computing Services via a Support Request Form or (843)349-2220. If you have general questions about the enrollment screens, please email the Office of Student Accounts at studentaccounts@coastal.edu.

Screenshot of Parent & Guardian on WebAdvisor


After completing the steps outlined above, an email will be sent to the Parent/Guardian email address within 24 hours. The email will contain important instructions and access information which can be used at the following link: WebAdvisor for Parent/Guardian.

Screenshot of WebAdvisor menu

Click on the menu option labeled "Parents/Guardians."

Enter the login information that you received via email as username@coastal.edu. Ex. if your username is p1234567, then enter p1234567@coastal.edu. This does not require a Coastal email account.

Click on the "My Students" link.

You will see the name of the student listed. Make a selection from the drop-down menu indicating the action you wish to make – either "Make a Payment" or "Current Account Balance" – and click the Submit button.