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Spanish Language and Culture in Costa Rica

This Maymester program to San Jose, Costa Rica is an excellent opportunity for students to earn university credit while taking either SPAN 115 or SPAN 330 as well as taking intensive Spanish (SPAN 350) taught by CRLA instructors. To supplement the academic experience, the following excursions in this uniquely beautiful country have been included in the program: a guided bus tour of San Jose; a walking tour of the area surrounding the school; Latin dance class; cultural cooking class; visit to National Park and Beaches of Manuel Antonio; visit to Arenal Volcano and Hot Water Springs; and visit to the National Museum. While in San Jose, students will live with carefully selected host families.

Course Information

‌SPAN 115 (Hispanic Studies I). (5 credits) This class introduces students to the Spanish language and the many facets of Hispanic cultures.  This course also helps students develop the basic skills of speaking, listening, and communicating in everyday situations in Hispanic cultures.  As a hybrid course, three credit hours is delivered face-to-face and two hours via a distance learning format.  Since this is a short study abroad course, the on-line part of the course will be completed upon return from the trip.  Also, this course requires daily visits to historical landmarks and geographical and cultural sites unique to the country of visit while there.  
Instructor: Jose Luis Mireles
This course satisfies Core Goal 5A

SPAN 330 (Approaches to Literature and Culture). (3 credits) Prereq: SPAN 210.  Introductory studies in the literature and cultural manifestations of the Hispanic world. Authors, genreSpanish Language Study Abroad). (3 transfer credits) Language study abroad with instruction by native speakers. Credi‌t hours granted dependent on the number of hours taken. Upon successful completion of an approved program students must furnish a certificate and/or examination results.
Instructor: Yun Sil Jeon
This course satisfies Core Goal 5B

***All students will also be enrolled in SPAN 350. These transfer credits are included in the program fees.***

SPAN 350. (3 credits) Language study abroad with instruction by native speakers.
This course satisfies Core Goal 5B

Faculty & Staff Leaders 

joseluisMr. Jose Luis Mireles, Senior Instructor of Spanish, Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies • 843-349-2442 • BRTH 321

Mr. Jose Luis Mireles is a Senior Instructor of Spanish at Coastal Carolina University. He has taught at the University since 1999, and has led ten study abroad trips to Costa Rica and one to Spain with groups of students ranging from twelve to thirty-two. He is a native speaker of Spanish.

Associate Professor, LanguagesDr. Yun Sil Jeon, Associate Professor of Spanish • 843-349-6604 • BRTH 328
Dr. Jeon was born in South Korea but she moved to Argentina when she was eight years old. She got her Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics in Madrid, Spain, and her dissertation was a Sociolinguistics study about the Korean community in Argentina. Since then she has kept on studying the Korean community in Argentina and she has broaden the field to the Korean community in Thailand where she has lived seven years working as Vice Director of Latin American Studies Center in Chulalongkorn University. Another field of interest related with her doctoral dissertation is Spanish Grammar and the Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language.

Cost of the Program

Cost of the Program = Program Fees + (Number of Credits x Tuition Rate)

In-State Students ($357/credit)
CCU credits  Program Fees Tuition  Cost of Program
3 credits $3,387 $1,071 $4,458
5 credits $3,387 $1,785 $5,172


Out-of-State Students  ($432/credit)
CCU credits Program Fees Tuition Cost of Program
3 credits $3,387 $1,296 $4,683
5 credits $3,387 $2,160 $5,547

Included in Cost of Program: Program fees include roundtrip airfare from the U.S. to Costa Rica; accommodations while in country; 2 meals every day from host families; local transporation; planned excursions; language and culture class at partner institution; and emergency medical insurance.

Not included in Cost of Program: 

  • Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses:$300 for meals not covered by program fees and miscellaneous expenses. Please note that this estimate will vary based on individual spending habits, and does not cover the cost of a new passport. Students should ask their program leaders for more details about estimated out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Pre-departure Housing: Students will be departing for the program from campus a few days after Spring semester. Students will need to make sure they have accommodations leading up to the program departure date.  Students should confirm with faculty leaders the date of departure before securing housing.

Payment Schedule for Program Fees and Tuition

Program Fee & Tuition Schedule Due Date Amount Due
Deposit November 1, 2017  $300
1st Payment December 8, 2017  $1,029
2nd Payment January 12, 2018  $1,029
3rd Payment February 12, 2018  $1,029
Tuition April 20, 2018 In-State: $357/credit
Out-of-State: $432/credit

Deposits can be made in-person at Student Accounts (Baxley Hall) or over the phone. After acceptance to the program, payments can be made either online through Webadvisor or at Student Accounts.  Please note that payments made with a debit or credit card will be charged a service fee of 2.7 percent. For more information about methods of payment, visit

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