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Admission Auditions / Portfolio Reviews

Auditions are required for all students who wish to become a part of the BFA program. An essay only is required for admission to the BA program. The essay should address the applicants goals and aspirations as they pertain to theatre. The essay should be sent, with a short cover letter, to Monica Bell, chair, department of theatre,

New for the incoming class of fall 2016, all prospective students, except those intending to audition in Dallas, must complete a screening audition. The screening process will help parents and potential students as they apply to the CCU BFA programs. The video auditions are processed through a central site for a fee. Please follow this link in order to submit the video audition.

Submit your digital application

Once you have completed and submitted your screening audition you will be invited to attend an on-campus audition or meet with our faculty at the regional audition in Chicago. Our on-campus auditions are a full day event. The day will primarily consist of a series of workshops intended to determine your acceptance to training, your ability to take direction and your ability to land within the ensemble. The day will also include an on campus tour, participation in an open forum with current students and lunch with faculty and students. At the end of the day you and your family will be our guests at a University production.

By the end of the day we will have had a chance to really get to know you and work with you. It takes more than two minutes for us to know if we would like you to enter into our company of actors, singers, dancers, designers and technicians. And it should take more than a few minutes to know whether or not you would like to spend the next four years living, working and creating with our faculty. We hope you'll join us for one of the on campus audition days

PLEASE NOTE: Admission is based on current University standards and an audition and interview process. The purpose of this review/interview is to allow the faculty an opportunity to evaluate previous training, assess current skills and aptitude, gauge desire for (and ability to enter into) rigorous training and determine the department’s ability to educate the student with respect to a career in the theatre.               


On Campus Auditions:

- Saturday October 24, 2015
- Saturday January 16, 2016
- Saturday January 23, 2016
- Saturday February 20, 2016
- Saturday Feb 27, 2016
(Please note that audition slots fill quickly, particularly for the February dates. Audition slots are limited.)

Off Campus Auditions Prescreening Sites:
- Nov. 19 & 20, 2015 - North Texas Drama Auditions
- Nov. 5-8, 2018 - South Carolina Theatre Association Convention

Off Campus Auditions
- Feb. 8, 9, 10 2016 - Chicago, IL @ The Palmer House Hilton
(Screening is now Required for Chicago Auditions. Walk-ins will only be scheduled if time permits. It is highly likely that all time will be scheduled. We would encourage you to schedule an appointment.)

Please note that callbacks for Chicago auditions will take place in Chicago during the evening of the same day you audition.

At our on-campus auditions, your day will consist of several master classes, a campus tour, as well as time spent with current students and faculty. We encourage you to stay and see our production that evening. Along with your audition confirmation, we will send a request for tickets to the production. You must have already auditioned or have scheduled an audition to receive complementary tickets.

*It is possible to set up audition times outside of these dates; however these are subject to faculty availability and you must have submitted a screening audition. Having your audition seen by the full faculty is preferable. Please contact Monica Bell with questions concerning possible alternate audition dates and times.


Musical Theatre

  • Approximately 16 bars of 2 contrasting styles taken from the musical theatre repertory. Please make every effort for one song to be from the classical musical theatre canon, preferably pre-1960. (an accompanist will be provided)
  • One monologue from a published play not to exceed one minute. Please do not attempt any monologue from film or television.
  • The entire audition should not exceed three minutes.
  • Be prepared to take part in a dance audition.  Either wear appropriate clothing, or bring clothing to change into, including jazz or character shoes and tap shoes, if you tap.

Please bring sheet music for the accompanist, a one or two-page theatre/school activities resume, and a photo to the the audition. An 8x10 headshot is recommended but not required. If you do not have a headshot, please bring a recent, accurate photo focusing on your face.

If you are auditioning at one of the off campus sites, please bring an accompaniment on an mp3 player or CD cued to your selections. Also be prepared to demonstrate your dance ability.

Acting/Physical Theatre

Two contrasting monologues.  The two selections must not exceed three minutes and must be from published plays.  We encourage you to be prepared to talk a little about your selections. Physical Theatre audtionees should prepare one of their two pieces to highlight physical ability. In addition, they will also be asked to take part in the dance auditions or multiple sections of the movement master class.

Please bring a one or two-page theatre resume and a photo to the audition. An 8x10 headshot is recommended but not required. If you do not have a headshot, please bring a recent, accurate photo focusing on your face.

Design and Technolgy

Please bring examples of all past work. It is important to include not only your theatre work, but any work that can be related to your area. Examples might include stage manager's prompt scripts, pictures of scenery or props that you may have worked on, art work from a variety of classes or done on your own, and any other pertinent information. We are searching for people who love theatre and have a passion for design and technology. While we expect a certain level of understanding, we are most interested in your ability to learn, and your desire to become an active member of our company. You will only be asked to interview. We encourage you to come on our scheduled audition days, but you can submit materials by contacting Todd Wren, Production Manager, Department of Theatre.

The Interview
During your day with us, you will be asked to sit and talk with the departmental faculty for several minutes.   This is a very important part of the process.  We are searching for company members as well as students.  It is our hope to put together an incoming class that will ultimately complement each other intellectually and artistically.   We are searching for intellectually curious, serious, self aware, self motivated performers and artists who desire training and who can become capable members of an ensemble.

Dance Audition
If you are a planning to be a Musical Theatre Major, you will be asked to be a part of a dance workshop that will serve as your dance audition.  You will be taught a short dance combination to be performed in small groups.  We want to get a feel for your ability to move and take direction, and be playful, as well as some sense of technique. In any company there will be a wide range of talent, from those who have taken dance for years, to those who have just started their training.  We will be searching for all levels within this spectrum and understand that there are dancers and there are performers who can “move.”  (If you are auditioning at one of the off campus sites, please be prepared to demonstrate your dance ability.)

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