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  Training, Development and Service Excellence
  301 Allied Drive
  Coastal Science Center 164
  Conway, SC 29526

 TDSE Mission: 

To promote, and support employee development through onboarding programs, professional development opportunities, and service excellence training.

  • We prepare new employees to successfully transition to the university culture and position.
  • We provide quality and accessible development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills and improve abilities.  
  • We lead the universitywide service excellence initiative, Feel the Teal®, and provide the university employees with the tools needed to properly address customer needs and expectations.


To be a valuable resource for the CCU community through employee onboarding, professional development and service excellence programs that positively contribute to employee development for the role they are in and the role they aspire to be within Coastal Carolina University. 



Because we believe that university employees deserve quality professional development opportunities that improve productivity and develop skill sets in both current and aspired roles, we strive to create a learning culture that challenges university faculty and staff to grow their mindset, ideas, and behaviors, thereby enhancing work experience, job performance and overall employee satisfaction.


We are committed to creating a variety of innovative methods for professional development that will continually engage university employees during the changing culture and times at CCU.  Therefore, we seek to build and maintain a learning system that values the perspectives, ideas, and contributions of campus partners and employees.


We purposefully aim to create connections among employees to promote synergy, collaboration, and cooperation through our development programs, and we foster an environment that values inclusion, recognition and respect.  Ultimately, we work with campus partners to build a strong CCU culture and to provide excellent service to students as well as the CCU community as a whole.



We are proud to be part of Coastal Carolina University and through that pride and dedication comes an excellence in the programming, planning, implementation and evaluation of our programs.  We provide individuals and the university with the tools to respond effectively to customer needs as well as current and future demands for service opportunities. 


Wheel Of Offerings



Training and Offerings

Compliance Training: These required training designated by Coastal Carolina University ensure legal and regulatory compliance as well as accountability with organizational policies. The following are mandatory training for all new hires: Sexual Harassment Prevention; Title IX; Title IX Update; FERPA; Protection of Minors; Compliance and Ethics; SAFE Response to Violence; General Safety; Information Security Awareness (IST) 1-16 and New Employee Orientation. Refer to CCU Mandatory Training Matrix and New Employee Orientation Policy.

Contact: Grace Gavin (843.349.2068)


Best Practices/University Systems: These training sessions educate employees on the “how to” essential methods, techniques and processes that are specific to University responsibilities and duties. Topics may include University travel, procurement cards, records management, etc. Technology, operations, and branding are all training opportunities that are provided within the best practices category.

Contact: Lamonica Yates (843.349.2099)


Service Excellence – Feel the Teal®: Feel the Teal® training raises awareness and understanding of the needed skills for service excellence throughout all areas on campus. There are eight training modules available for faculty, staff and student workers, and each one offers the chance to meet and discuss current service issues with colleagues. Upon completion of the modules, participants attend the Feel the Teal® Celebration and are presented with a certificate and recognition.

Contact: Nick DeStefano (843.349.6928)


Professional Development: These interactive and engaging educational workshops equip faculty and staff with knowledge, tools and strategies to strengthen their skill sets while also providing opportunities for continuous learning and improvement. Topics include communication, leadership, management and supervisory skills, position competencies, and personal enhancement.

Contact: Kristin Cymbor (843.349.6634)


Retreats and Team-building: The Office of Training, Development and Service Excellence is a resource for all departments and colleges on campus whose members want to build soft skills or group dynamics. Retreats are typically four hours and focus on areas of improvement, such as communication, team-building and conflict resolution. All retreats include a facilitator, a structured and results-oriented agenda, and guidance on how to build a more effective team.

Contact: Kristin Cymbor (843.349.6634)