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Printing Services is a service arm of Coastal Carolina University for printing brochures, forms, books, certificates, invitations, classroom materials, and any publication or reproduction that is requested. Copyrighted Materials can only be reproduced with written permission from the publisher. Printing Services does not accept ANY "outside" work from the general community.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

David Ridenour

Printing Services
Century Circle Office B (450b)  107

Drake Cartrette

Printing Services
Century Circle Office B (450b)  107

Print Requests

To initiate a print request, a Printing Service Request form must be completed. The form is available online at underUniversity Marketing and Communication/Print Services. Print requests may be submitted to or sent via interoffice mail.

All requests designed outside of the Office of University Marketing and Communication MUST have first been sent to for approval (see Proofing Guidelines section).

For more information, please contact David Ridenour, print manager, at or 843-349-2921.

Copyrighted materials can only be reproduced with written permission from the publisher. Services are not provided for jobs outside of University needs.

Quick Copy Printing

Quick copy printing should be used for the production of on-campus copies, classroom materials, and occasionally off-campus distribution. Regular requests must be submitted AT LEAST two (2) working days in advance in order to meet your deadline. Most jobs are ready in one day. However, there are some jobs that require more time. Printing Services personnel will notify you when a particular job will require more than the allowed time.

Quick Copy Form

Printing Process

  1. Typesetting and graphic designs are performed in the Office of University Communication (Century Circle 450A). At the end of this process, your document is ready for proofing.

  2. It is now the responsibility of the person requesting the printing to involve ALL necessary persons to ensure that all grammar and spelling is correct. It is then sent back to University Communication for any necessary corrections. Marketing will then send the corrected copy back for a second proof.

  3. Upon receiving your final approval, the request form and your copy will be delivered to printing services. Work received in printing services at this time is considered correct and the printing process begins. Any changes after printing has begun require the re-submission of another work order and another separate charge. This process starts over in the Office of University Communication.

  4. Any off-campus printing MUST be approved by the Office of University Communication prior to work being requested.