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How to Download Your Photographs

Visit our photo share site Photoshelter to view and download images from your request. There is also an assortment of stock photography galleries from all aspects of life at CCU for campus use on brochures, posters, approved social media outlets, website design, and prints for your office. You may also request access to certain events you were involved in by filling out a KACE request ticket.

When you receive your link to PhotoShelter you will be prompted for a username and password, or to create an account if it is your first time logging in. Use your CCU email address and a password that is NOT affiliated with CCU. You can view a Photoshelter Step by Step Guide of the login and download process.
Please do NOT give out your username and password to students, interns, or anyone who is not employed by the university.  Your username and password are only for your professional use.  Certain people have access to galleries with images that are not for public distribution or could potentially hurt the eligibility or scholarship of one of our students.