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Standard Operating Procedures for the Coastal Carolina University Office of University Communication

The mission of the Office of University Communication (UC) is to cultivate a strong public image and provide effective communication in support of the University’s mission to recruit and develop high-caliber students, and to effectively promote the University’s role as a community and regional resource.

The operating procedures are designed to expedite University requests for communication and marketing support. These protocols will clarify production timelines and facilitate efficient fulfillment of projects. 

For questions about this mission or these operating procedures, please contact Bill Plate, vice president, Office of University Communication, at or 843-349-4066.

University-produced news stories of interest

The Office of University Communication conveys the stories of CCU through videos, news releases and articles for the Web, Coastal Carolina University Magazine and the Atheneum newsletter, social media channels, and other methods of dissemination.

Stories can feature profiles of faculty, staff, students and alumni or communicate about accomplishments, achievements, research, community service or other newsworthy topics of interest. Please contact Martha Hunn, associate vice president, Office of University Communication, at or 843-349-2962 to provide information about story ideas.

‘Coastal Now’

“Coastal Now” is the University’s public affairs television news show produced in-house by University Communication through the facilities of campus Media Services. The show is broadcast across the local region via the cable systems utilizing the educational access channels and also at

“Coastal Now” is a news magazine-style program that tells the stories of CCU’s students, alumni, faculty, staff and academic programs. A comprehensive taping schedule is not available. For more information, please contact Martha Hunn at or 843-349-2962 or David Russell at or 843-349-2516.

Coastal Carolina University Magazine

Published twice a year, the Coastal Carolina University Magazine features timely and interesting stories on a wide range of topics relating to the people, events and culture of CCU. Stories in the publication are written and designed to inform and engage the University’s primary stakeholders, including alumni, students, faculty, staff, donors and friends of the University, as well as the regional communities served by the institution. 

If you know anyone affiliated with our University who has celebrated a significant achievement or has an interesting story, please notify editor Doug Bell at or 843-349-2015 for possible inclusion in the magazine.

The Atheneum Newsletter

The Atheneum is the digital employee newsletter for Coastal Carolina University. Once a month, an email goes out to all current and retired faculty and staff, directing them to the newsletter at Articles and accompanying photos are written and designed to showcase what is happening across campus. The title page has three features of interest to the CCU community. “I Spy” is a profile of a CCU employee who has been nominated by a peer for being exemplary and going above and beyond his/her duties. There are also pages such as “Something to Talk About,” which includes interesting tidbits — births, weddings, faculty/staff who’ve won awards or have news. “News Shorts” is a roundup of news releases from the month, and the calendar includes upcoming events, meetings, etc. “About U” is a message from the president, and “Works in Progress” updates the campus community on construction projects. For story suggestions, please contact Mona Prufer, media relations coordinator, at or 843-349-2087. 

Graphic Design

The Office of University Communication’s design team is available to assist in the design and production of publications, advertising and most collateral print needs.

To initiate the scheduling of a project, requesters must first complete a Printing Service Requisition form, located at under University Communication/Print Services. It is important to have an idea of budget, quantity and content upon submitting a requisition. Even though most requests will be turned around in a timely fashion, it is advised to allow four weeks for the design of most projects, depending on complexity. Projects printed on campus average a one-week turnaround; ones requiring off-campus printing average two weeks. Please submit all design requests to For additional information, please contact either Jeanne Caldwell, creative services production manager, at or 843-349-4169, or Rob Wyeth, senior director of creative services, at or 843-349-2103

All self-produced collateral must be submitted to for review and approval by University Communication before printing. Please see Proofing Guidelines below for additional information.

Social Media

Recognizing the importance of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat, #CCU Social Media serves as the content provider and monitor/engager of all social interactions for Coastal Carolina University’s official social media platforms. It is the responsibility of #CCU Social Media to provide a consistent voice and updated presence that maintains the University’s values while promoting the stories of the University. Through #CCU Social Media, the stories of faculty, staff, students, alumni and the entire CCU community are featured. 

For a full list of CCU’s official social sites, to view the social media policy, and to learn best practices in social media, visit or contact Brent Reser at


Marketing campaigns and marketing/advertising placement


It is vital to the success of the University to ensure that consistent messages are communicated when promoting or advertising University assets and programs. The marketing division of UC serves as the clearinghouse for all marketing and advertising projects activated by campus divisions, both academic and auxiliary.

Consistent with University policy, all advertising requests and marketing support must flow through UC. This procedure is more efficient for dealing with advertising vendors and eliminates costly duplication. In addition, the UC staff can provide in-house consultation to ensure that University resources are maximized and target audiences are effectively reached. 


To launch an effective marketing campaign or place advertising, a minimum of four to six weeks is required from job origination to delivery. (Note: Delivery time could be shortened if the job entails a one-time advertisement or short-run advertising.)

1. Marketing staff will consult with requester and determine scope, focus and budget of the project. An appropriate strategy and supporting media elements (print, broadcast, Web, etc.) will be developed. Copy points, photos and any other supporting materials will be provided by the requester.

2.If applicable, contract agreements and purchase orders will be prepared and routed. Creative aspects of the advertising will be routed to design team for creative design and editor for proofing. Execution of graphic design or broadcast production will be subject to projects already in the queue. Proofs of creative elements will be sent to the requester for review, editing and approval.

3. UC staff will send materials to vendor(s).

4. UC staff will monitor advertising once activated and provide analytics and return on investment measurements, if available. UC will also process payment to vendor(s).

For more information, contact Lindsi Glass, senior director of marketing and licensing, at or 843-349-2809, or Trenny Neff, coordinator of advertising and trademark management, at or 843-349-2102.

Media services

The Department of Media Services provides the faculty, staff and administration with multimedia and audiovisual resources, media and television production, campus closed-circuit cable television, facility planning, and technical support for the teaching, informational and promotional activities of the University. The Department of Media Services is located in Hampton Hall at 108 Tom Trout Drive on campus. Call 843-349-2890 or visit

The mission of Media Services’ video production team is to:

1.  Provide video needs for telling the stories of CCU.

2.  Provide video service that increases the value of CCU, reflecting the positive image of CCU.

3.  Provide other video production requests directly related to (or that are beneficial to) CCU. These services will be performed as requested by faculty or staff when possible.


1.  University academic and administrative clients using University-appropriated funds will be charged for the cost of materials used, travel and other directly related project expenses, excluding labor. Additional charges will be assessed for after-hour production services.

2.  Non-University projects, grant projects, and civic and governmental projects must be approved by the vice president of UC. Clients will pay for all costs incurred, including labor.


1. To make a request for multimedia and audiovisual equipment, visit and complete the form at the equipment checkout section.

2. If an equipment request is entered with less than 24 hours’ notice, you must call 843-349-2890 to confirm that your request has been received and can be accommodated.

3. Requester is responsible for keeping all equipment safe and secure while it’s in his or her possession. If requester finishes early or class is canceled, requester must call media services as soon as possible for equipment pickup.

4. All requests for outdoor amplified sound must adhere to the University Amplified Sound Policy ( and must be approved two weeks prior to the event. Any bands or groups performing on campus for hire should provide their own equipment.

5. Any technical rider requiring support from the Department of Media Service should be approved by the director of media services prior to contract approval. 

6. Media services cannot support conferences with media equipment in Myrtle Beach and other locations in the area unless Coastal Carolina University is the host and lead sponsor of the conference.

7. Any exceptions must be approved by the vice president of UC.


1. For complex media, engineering, audio, video and television production projects, contact the director of media services (David Parker, When requesting a video production, clients must provide storyboard, scripting, and basic information about purpose and audience. Some projects may require assistance from other departments and groups (example: scriptwriting and graphics from UC staff).

2. All products for external or widespread internal use must be approved by UC. Media services will not reproduce copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder.

3. Instructional video service for academic purposes is very limited, requiring a minimum of one-week lead time to ensure staff and equipment availability. Video cameras can be checked out at Kimbel Library to facilitate the taping of a class.

4.  Promotional video requires extensive planning and consultation. Promotional productions require, at a minimum, a three-month lead time with script. Requesters are responsible for providing both the rough lead-time schedule and first draft of the script. If students are to appear in the video, the requester will select students, help prepare the students, and assist with communication and coordination of students to ensure they show up for scheduled appointments. Media services video production staff will assist in training the students for their roles and will work with requester to refine the production schedule and script. To request a video, email David Russell (, assistant director for video productions. He will provide a video request form that outlines the type, purpose and use of the video. Submit the completed form to Requesters will also be asked to develop a draft script for the video. 

News coverage and news interviews

The spontaneous, evolving nature of news ensures that virtually anyone on our campus has the potential to become a newsmaker or news source for breaking stories. The Office of University Communication works to monitor all media interviews of University personnel. If you are contacted by a media outlet for an interview in your capacity as a representative of Coastal Carolina University, please notify UC at ext. 2962.

1. If you are asked to participate in a “man-on-the-street” type interview during a campus event and are not officially expressing opinions or policy of the University, an advance call to UC is unnecessary.

2. If you feel you need assistance in crafting your message, or if you think you would benefit from a coaching session on speaking to the media, contact Martha Hunn at ext. 2962 or Interview preparation ensures the best possible articulation of your message.

3. If you are an expert on topics under current and repeated discussion, please contact UC as soon as possible so that we can offer your expertise to news outlets. Your appearance on the Internet, TV or in print enhances the credibility and image of the University. Furthermore, if you have received or are about to receive a major award, publish a significant work or conduct research that may be of interest to the general public, please provide as much advance notice as possible so that we may work strategically with you to achieve the best possible news coverage. Please call or send an email about newsworthy activities to, with a copy to

News releases/publicity

If you are seeking publicity for an event or subject, the procedure for getting publicity is outlined below:

Examples: visiting speakers, events, notable achievements, etc.


A month in advance, notify Mona Prufer ( about your upcoming event to get it on our internal calendar.

• At least three weeks before the event, send details to Mona Prufer (what, where, when, why, how), name of the sponsor, contact person and telephone numbers. If a speaker is engaged for the event, send biographical information, the title of the talk and a head shot (jpeg) of the speaker. The jpeg should be at least 200 dpi. Note: Most images on the Web are not downloadable in a usable format.

• We will write the news release and send it to you for approval. If you send us your own news release, we will proof/edit it to conform to Associated Press style and our news release format. 

• Upon your approval, we will send the release out to the appropriate media list (business, arts, print media, broadcast media). If you fail to provide approval within 24 hours and timing is vital to ensure coverage, the news release may be submitted without additional consultation.

• When appropriate, the release is placed on the University website news page and possibly on the website home page to rotate with other news. Note: We MUST have an appropriate photo to put the news on the home page. 

Concerts or performances

A month in advance, notify Mona Prufer about your upcoming event to get it on our internal calendar.

• At least three weeks before the event, send details to Mona Prufer (what, where, when, why, how), name of sponsor, contact name and telephone numbers. For cultural events, indicate the title of the event, the content of the program, names of performers (identify students and faculty as such). For plays, include a brief synopsis and cast list.

• Send a promotional photo of the cast or arrange for one to be taken by calling Bill Edmonds, campus photographer, at ext. 2924, or complete the form (see below) and email it to We receive better (and bigger) publicity when a photo is used.

Other stories not tied to an event

Examples: faculty grants, awards or book publications, alumni achievements, students involved in noteworthy or unusual projects, etc.

• Send detailed information (and photos, if available) by email to Mona Prufer. 

• Provide information as early as possible.

Digital monitors (eboards)

The TVs you see around campus have messages produced by staff in the buildings the TVs are in (right side) and messages of interest to the CCU community (left side). We do not promote events or activities that occur off campus or that are not CCU-sponsored. Political and religious messages are not permitted. If you have something you’d like promoted campuswide (left side) on an eboard, send the information to Mona Prufer at or call 843-349-2087


One week’s lead time is necessary for studio and indoor photo shoots for promotional purposes—those that require careful planning and attention to lighting detail. Three days’ lead time is requested for outdoor promotional work. For promotional photos that include students, faculty, staff or members of the general public, the requester is responsible for obtaining photo releases in advance. Photo/Media releases are mandatory and are available at t

Electronic copies of pictures on file may be accessible within one day or even within a few hours. Photography staff is also available to provide images for and assist with printing of large copies of campus photos for your office walls, but time required for this request depends upon technician availability.

To request photography services, please call University photographer Bill Edmonds at 843-349-2924 or complete the service request form located at and submit it via email to Edmonds at For news event photography, please send a copy of the service request to Martha Hunn, associate vice president for University Communication, at and Edmonds, For more information about photography services, call Edmonds at 843-349-2924.

Printing services

Printing services are available for the production of (but not limited to) posters, flyers, invitations, forms, class manuals and other reproduction needs. Print operations are located at 450-B Century Circle, across U.S. 501 from the main campus.


To initiate a print request, a Printing Service Request form must be completed. The form is available online at under University Communication/Print Services. Print requests may be submitted to or sent via interoffice mail. All requests designed outside of the Office of University Communication MUST have first been sent to for approval (see Proofing Guidelines section). For more information, please contact David Ridenour, print manager, at or 843-349-2921.

Copyrighted materials can only be reproduced with written permission from the publisher. Services are not provided for jobs outside of University needs.

Submission formats

Requests may be submitted as hard copies, but digital PDFs are preferred.


Printing Services offers in-house duplication, binding, trimming, laminating, hole-punching and packaging. Assistance with the coordination of off-set (traditional) printing is also available. Paper is limited to a size no larger than tabloid (11 by 17 inches) and no heavier than 60-pound card stock. Please contact Printing Services for more information at 843-349-2921.

Proofing guidelines

In an effort to ensure consistency and accuracy, any communication that has high visibility and/or is distributed to external audiences on behalf of the University must be proofed through the Office of University Communication. This includes, but is not limited to, media notices, posters, printed invitations, printed programs, electronic invitations, products that use University marks, emails and mailings that are published by or for the University, regardless of funding sources. Personal correspondence, classroom materials and research are exempt; however, proofing is a service provided by UC to the University community. In addition, all campus signage must be proofed and approved through UC.

The University uses Associated Press style guidelines as the basis for proofing materials. Find a cheat sheet of style guidelines here: All materials should be thoroughly proofed by the client prior to being sent to the editor for proofing.

Due to the significant volume of materials and projects being processed, UC executes a first in/first out system. Please deliver or email ( the item to the Office of University Communication (450-A Century Circle, Room 105).

One- to three-page documents require a three-day minimum turnaround time. Multi-page documents including detailed brochures, newsletters, calendars, programs, etc., require a one-week minimum. No rushes. Larger documents, including magazines and athletic programs, require a two-week minimum. No rushes. Please note: These are MINIMUM turnaround times. Without adequate lead time, we cannot guarantee items will be proofed in time to meet your deadline. For more information, call University editor Caroline P. Smith at 843-349-6524

Trademark Licensing Program

Alumni loyalty to Coastal Carolina University, the respect the University is accorded by the public, and the enthusiasm generated by its athletic program create a demand for official University products among students, alumni and University supporters who want to show their allegiance and pride in the institution. Coastal Carolina University seeks to foster this loyalty, respect and enthusiasm by ensuring that all products bearing its name or other marks are of the highest quality. By ensuring high quality and good taste in these items, Coastal Carolina University’s reputation for educational excellence is enhanced. Proper use of the University’s name also stimulates public awareness and support.

What is licensing?
Licensing is an agreement wherein the owner of a trademark gives another party, in most cases the manufacturer of the goods, the right to use that mark in exchange for payment of a royalty.

What is the Coastal Carolina University licensing program?
The licensing program promotes and protects the commercial use of the University’s name and identifying marks. A major emphasis of Coastal Carolina University’s Licensing Program is to ensure that all products using the University’s name, marks and symbols are of good taste and quality. Only those companies that meet the standards of the University are licensed to manufacture Coastal Carolina University merchandise. The University’s licensing administrators work with manufacturers who wish to make products that utilize its trademarks and symbols with retailers who wish to sell Coastal Carolina University licensed products, and with University departments, programs and student groups that seek to use the University’s indicia on products. Through the licensing program, campus organizations are assured of locating quality products from approved manufacturers. Also, the sale of licensed goods helps benefit the University through generation of royalty payments. Income generated from royalties paid by licensees is used to support athletics and marketing for the University.

What happens if a University mark is used without a license?
Coastal Carolina University intends to protect its name, marks and symbols from unauthorized or inappropriate use. When an individual and/or organization is identified as producing or distributing products that infringe on our trademarks, the University or its agent will contact them to attempt to stop the infringement, to establish a license and to notify them of potential legal action should they fail to cooperate.

Locating licensed products
The Office of University Communication maintains a list of manufacturers licensed with the University and who have permission to produce Coastal Carolina University merchandise. For assistance locating licensed manufacturers of particular products, contact Trenny Neff at or 843-349-2102.

How is a license acquired?
All manufacturers of products bearing the trademarks of Coastal Carolina University must enter into a nonexclusive Trademark Licensing Agreement with the University. Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) administers Coastal Carolina University’s licensing program. Information and an application for licensing are available at the LLP website or by calling 317-669-0808.

For more information, please contact Lindsi Glass, senior director of marketing and licensing, at or 843-349-2809, Trenny Neff, coordinator of advertising and trademark Licensing, at or 843-349-2102 or Learfield Licensing Partners, at or 317-669-0808.

Website design

The University utilizes a content management system which allows departments to self-manage their areas within the Coastal website while maintaining a consistent and uniform design. Web design services within the Office of University Communication is limited to the upper tiers of and University marketing. For questions or assistance, please contact the University web manager at For additional information on Web design within the Office of University Communication, contact Rob Wyeth, senior director of creative services, at or 843-349-2103.

Athletic media relations

For questions related to athletic media relations, please contact Mike Cawood, associate athletic director/media relations, at or 843-349-2822.