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Video Production Services

Video Production Services (VPS), a division of University Communication, provides faculty, students and staff of Coastal Carolina University with high-quality, well-produced video and television productions to help tell the stories of CCU. The Department of Video Production Services (VPS) is located in Hampton Hall at 108 Tom Trout Drive on campus. Call 843-349-2890 for more information.

The mission of the VPS team is to:

  • provide video needs for telling the stories of CCU;
  • provide video service that increases the value of CCU and reflects the positive image of CCU; and
  • provide other video production requests directly related to (or that are beneficial to) CCU. These services will be performed as requested by faculty or staff when feasible.


1. University academic and administrative clients using University-appropriated funds will be charged for the cost of materials used, travel and other directly related project expenses, excluding labor. Additional charges will be assessed for after-hour production services.

2. Non-University projects, grant projects, and civic and governmental projects must be approved by the vice president of University Communication (UC). Clients will pay for all costs incurred, including labor. 


1. For complex video and television production projects, contact David Russell, director of Video Production Services, at 843-349-2516 or When requesting a video production, clients must provide storyboard, scripting, and basic information about purpose and audience. Some projects may require assistance from other departments and groups (example: scriptwriting and graphics from UC staff).

2. All products for external and/or widepsread internal use must be approved by UC. Video Production Services (VPS) will not reproduce copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder.

3. Instructional video service for academic purposes is very limited, requiring a minimum of one-week lead time to ensure staff and equipment availability. Video cameras can be checked out at Kimbel Library to facilitate the taping of a class. Also, lecture capture units can be requested through ITS.

4. Promotional video requires extensive planning and consultation. Promotional productions require, at a minimum, a three-month lead time with script. Requesters are responsible for providing both the rough lead-time schedule and first draft of the script. If students are to appear in the video, the requester will select students, help prepare the students, and assist with communication and coordination of students to ensure they show up for scheduled appointments. VPS staff will assist in training the students for their roles and will work with requester to refine the production schedule and script. To request a video, please put in a work order with

Please note: Making a request does not guarantee that VPS will be able to accept the request. It will depend on priority of projects as well as resources available to handle the project.

5. VPS does not handle audio/visual equipment checkout or support. 

  • To check out A/V equipment for events, put a work order in 25Live or call 843-349-2668 or 843-349-1155.
  • To check out A/V equipment for academics, put a work request in through ITS Request Form or call ITS at 843-349-5000.

Faculty/Staff assistance contact ITS at 843-349-5000.
Student/Alumni assistance contact SCS at 843-349-2220.

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