Economics BSBA 2023

Economics (Bachelor of Science)

UNIV 110B: The First-Year Experience (3)

ENGL 101: Composition (4)

MATH 130A: College Algebra (Fall I) (if needed) (2)

MATH 130B: College Algebra (Fall II) (if needed) (2)

Computer Science elective course: (CSCI 110 recommended) (3)

Humanistic Thought: (3)

Total Credits: 17


*PDA* Career Exploration (Required)

*PDA * Resume Development (Required)

MATH 132: Calc for Bus/Soc Sci (for MATH 160) (3)

ENGL 102: Composition and Critical Reading (Core)1 (4)

CBAD 120: Intro to Global Business (required for business majors, also completes the Human and Social Behavior Core requirement) (3)

HIST 201/ POLI 201: American Gov. (3)

Human and Social Behavior (Core)1 (3)

Total Credits: 16


*PDA* Career Exploration (Elective)

*PDA* Online Presence (Required)

CBAD 201: Financial Accounting (3)

ECON 201: Macroeconomics (Core)1 (3)

CBAD 291: Business Statistics (3)

Humanistic Thought: (Core) (3)

Comm Across Cultures: (110 Course) (3) 

Total Credits: 15


*PDA* Leadership & Communication (Required)

*PDA* Interviewing Skills (Required)

CBAD 202: Managerial Accounting (3)

ECON 202: Microeconomics (3)

CBAD 292: Decision Analysis (3)

Communication Across Cultures: (Core)1(5)

Artistic Expression (Core) (3)

Total Credits: 15


PDA* Online Presence (Elective)

PDA* Practical Experience (Elective)

ECON 301: Int. Macroecon Theory & Analysis (Fall Only) (3)

ECON Selective (3)

FIN 301: Business Finance (3)

CBAD 301: Management & Organizations (3)

Scientific Concepts: (Core) (4)

Total Credits: 16


*PDA* Resume Development (Elective)

*PDA* Leadership & Communication (Elective)

ECON 302: Int. Microeconomic Theory & Analysis (Spring Only) (3)

ECON Selective:4 (3)

CBAD 344: Legal Environ. of Business (3)

CBAD 350: Marketing (3)

CBAD 393: Management Information Systems (3)

Total Credits: 15


*PDA* Practical Experience (Required)

*PDA* Interviewing Skills (Elective)

ECON Selective:4 (3)

CBAD 373: Business Integration/Application (3)

CBAD 364: Operations Management (3)

ENGL 290/CBAD 290: Business Comm (3)

General Elective3 (3)

Total Credits: 14


*PDA* Resume Development (Elective)

*PDA* Online Presence (Elective)

ECON 495: Adv Econ Theory/Analysis (3)

CBAD 478: Strategic Management (3)

PHIL 318: Business Ethics (3)

General Elective3 (3)

General Elective3 (if needed) (0)

Total Credits: 12


**Make sure all PDAs are complete!**


  1. Please see your program evaluation for University Core Curriculum Recommendations.
  2. Complete list of options available on your program evaluation. As part of the graduation requirement, students are required to complete twelve (12) approved Professional Development Activities (PDAs), six of which must fall into the following categories: (1) Career Exploration, (2) Practical Experience, (3) Leadership & Communication, (4) Online Presence, (5) Interviewing Skills, and (6) Resume Development. A list of approved PDAs can be found at *ELECTIVE PDAS CAN BE REPLACED BY ANY PDA CATEGORY.
  3. General Elective: These are free electives that may be selected from any college of the university including the College of Business.
  • Study abroad opportunities are available at all levels. Please contact (, at least one semester prior to anticipated travel.
  • Internships are available starting your second year (30+ credits). Please contact ( to discuss requirements and internship procedures.