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Center for Marine and Wetland Studies Anne Tilghman Boyce Coastal Reserve
at Waties Island

Visitor Restrictions for
Coastal Carolina Universitys
Anne Tilghman Boyce Coastal Reserve

The Anne Tilghman Boyce Coastal Reserve is a resource available to Coastal Carolina University through the Coastal Educational Foundation, Inc.  Access and activities are managed by the Burroughs & Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies at Coastal Carolina University.  The Reserve consists of a portion of Waties Island (an undeveloped barrier island) and the adjacent mainland on Little River Neck, located just north of North Myrtle Beach, SC which offers a wide array of coastal environments and habitats for study.

The research center is composed of a total of 1,105.17 acres.  The property includes 603.25 acres on Little River Neck, 231.92 acres on Waties Island and 270 acres of marsh between the two.

Guidelines for access to and restrictions for the use of the property have been established to ensure adherence to the covenants and restrictions of the operative conservation easement and to facilitate keeping records of activities at the site.

The intent of these restrictions is to insure the preservation of this land in its present state, with concentration on conservation and education purposes, with the primary goal of preserving this significant property, in its existing state, to the greatest extent possible.

  1. Approval for access and activities must be obtained at least one week in advance of the date of use. This is done through the Waties Island Access Form that can be found online at: and is subject to the approval of the Director or Assistant Director of the Center for Marine and Wetland Studies.
  2. Any class/group/individual must be supervised by Coastal Carolina University faculty or staff.  Exceptions will be made on an individual basis, e.g. graduate students, etc.
  3. Any problems or accidents must be reported immediately to the Director of the Center for Marine and Wetland Studies at CCU (843-349-4015) or CCU Campus Police (843-349-2177) or CCU Switchboard (843-347-3161).  For an emergency, contact CCU Office of Public Safety at 843-349-2911.
  4. Waties Island shall be maintained in essentially a wilderness state.  For purposes of this Instrument, the term "wilderness state" is defined to mean an area of undeveloped land, retaining its primeval character and influence, substantially without permanent improvements or human habitation, which is protected and managed so as to preserve its natural condition and which generally appears to have been affected primarily by the forces of nature with the imprint of mans work unnoticeable.
  5. There shall be no hunting or trapping except as may be necessary for research purposes, for scientific wildlife management or to maintain the animal population on the property within an acceptable ecological balance.
  6. There shall be no dumping of trash, garbage, hazardous waste or other unsightly or offensive material and no changing of the topography through the placing of soil or other substance or material.
  7. There shall be no removal, destruction or cutting of trees or plants on the property, except as required for the purpose of scientific or educational research or study or the conservation and preservation of the property, and in the event trees or plants are cut, removed, or destroyed for these purposes, neither they nor any by-products shall be sold for profit.
  8. There shall be no filling, excavating, dredging, mining, or drilling, or removal of topsoil, sand, gravel, rock, minerals or other materials, except as is necessary for the purpose of conservation and preservation of the property, and in the event that there is filling, excavation, dredging, mining, or drilling or removal of topsoil, sand, gravel, rock, minerals, or other materials for these purposes, the resulting products or by-products may not be sold for profit.
  9. There shall be no commercial activities on the property, including processing, manufacturing or gathering of raw materials for sale.
  10. There shall be no motorized vehicles on the island, provided that motorized maintenance equipment shall be permitted to maintain the island.
  11. No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted on the property.
  12. It would be intended that the use of this property would be for scientific and environmental study, and therefore not more than 100 people may be permitted on the mainland property and not more than 50 people may be permitted on Waties Island at any one period of time.

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