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Faculty Affiliation Criteria

Affiliate faculty status is required for courses to count toward the Women's and Gender Studies minor. To become a faculty affiliate of the Women's and Gender Studies Program, supply the following materials to the program director:

  • a brief letter describing your interest and experience in women's and gender studies, including a statement of how your work is compatible with the mission and goals of WGS
  • a description of any courses you currently teach or hope to teach that you would like to count toward the Women’s and Gender Studies Minor (including courses you could offer as a special cross-list course)
  • a current CV 

Please also indicate if you have an interest in teaching WGST 103, the Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, pending departmental approval.

 Benefits of being an affiliated faculty member of WGS:

  • Only courses taught by affiliated faculty members will count toward the WGS minor.
  • Only affiliated faculty may have input on decisions affecting WGS.
  • Affiliated faculty can request class visits from other WGS affiliated faculty members.

After application for affiliate status, the director of Women's and Gender Studies will notify you and your department head of the decision.