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Article I: Name and Organization

A. The official name of this organization is Women in Philanthropy and Leadership for Coastal Carolina University (CCU), herein referred to as WIPL.

B. WIPL is governed by a Board and housed in the Office of the President at CCU.

C. The WIPL name and associated marks are registered and fully protected identifiers associated with and managed by CCU.

Article II: Mission and Vision

A. Mission
Women in Philanthropy and Leadership for Coastal Carolina University exists to promote the vital roles of women through scholarships and leadership opportunities, and leverages the work of supporters and the generosity of donors for transformational change.

B. Vision
The vision of Women in Philanthropy and Leadership for Coastal Carolina University is to advance leadership and philanthropy to enrich the unlimited potential of women to transform society.

Article III: Membership

A. Membership is open to all who support the mission, vision and goals of the organization through an annual financial commitment and demonstrated commitment to leadership objectives.

B. Members in good standing are defined as those who make a minimum annual donation as established and ratified by the WIPL Board.

C. Donations and gifts to WIPL are made through the Coastal Educational Foundation, Inc. (CEF), whose purpose is to seek and provide support for CCU. The CEF is organized as a nonprofit corporation under the South Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act and is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended.

D. Categories of membership will be established and annually reviewed by the WIPL Board, in consultation with the CCU Office for Philanthropy, as appropriate.

E. The rights and responsibilities of membership are to:

1. Vote on matters relating to WIPL business, and
2. Attend and participate in meetings, committees and affiliated activities to further the goals of WIPL.

Article IV: Membership Meetings

A.  The membership of WIPL will meet at least twice per year, generally once during the Spring semester and once during the Fall semester.

B.  An annual financial report will be presented by the Treasurer to the full membership for informational purposes.

C.  A Quorum shall consist of a simple majority (half the membership, plus one).

D.  Voting

1.  Only WIPL members in good standing will vote on the items brought forth by the WIPL Board. Issues may include, but are not limited to: election of Officers, amendments to Bylaws, new committees, programs or other initiatives.
2.  Depending upon the urgency and nature of the issue requiring a vote, the WIPL Board will determine the most appropriate voting method from the following options: in-person (voice or hand vote), online vote submission or written ballot. A majority of the in-person votes cast during a meeting (plus those submitted prior to the meeting by electronic/written proxy) shall constitute the action of the membership. A majority of votes cast during online or written proxy shall constitute the action of the membership.

E.  Special meetings of the membership may be called at the discretion of the WIPL Board.

Article V: Administrative Expenses and Support

A.  WIPL may incur costs for supplies necessary for the operation of the organization and payment of these expenses may be paid by the CCU Office for Philanthropy and/or by fundraising events, grants, private gifts held by the CEF or other means as determined by the WIPL Board.

B.  Administrative support for WIPL business will be provided through the University.

C.  The fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30.

Article VI: Officers, Elections, and Terms of Service

A. The elected officers for WIPL include a President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, the CCU president’s spouse or his or her designee will serve as Executive Director and is a voting officer. The appointed officers for WIPL include the Public Relations Officer, the Liaison from the CCU Office for Philanthropy and the Chairs of the Standing Committees.

1. Executive Director
The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership and management of WIPL. The Executive Director, working in conjunction with the WIPL Board, membership and staff, will develop, implement and evaluate internal and external goals that reflect the vision and mission of WIPL. The Executive Director will ensure WIPL activities are aligned with CCU’s strategic direction. The Executive Director provides overall leadership for strategy, organizational development, implementation, financial strategy and fundraising for WIPL.

a.  Give vision and leadership to the strategic and day-to-day program implementation of WIPL;
b.  Serve as a public advocate for issues relevant to the WIPL mission, collaborating with appropriate organizations, as needed;
c.  Support annual strategic planning process and ensure that decisions are used in setting annual goals;
d.  Oversee planning, development, marketing, delivery and evaluation of quality programs and services; provide leadership in selecting which tasks to undertake to achieve goals and objectives and prioritize those tasks;
e.  Ensure that WIPL is fiscally sound; prepare annual budget proposal in conjunction with the officers; direct financial activities based upon plans and policies developed in conjunction with the WIPL Board; supervise bookkeeping, accounting and financial activities; obtain and supervise contributions, contracts, grants and in-kind donations to support WIPL programs and services;
f.  Oversee fundraising and resource planning and implementation; develop and sustain diverse funding sources; establish strategies to approach funders, submit proposals; with Treasurer, maintain fundraising records and documentation
g.  Position WIPL as an effective, vital organization. Represent WIPL at appropriate public functions;
h.  Serve as educator in the community by effecting positive communication and collaboration with current and potential partners and members;
i.  Increase WIPL’s visibility and influence with stakeholders, decision-makers and other constituencies as well as with the general public through development and implementation of a marketing campaign; implement strategies to increase membership and expand public awareness of WIPL’s work and program value;
j.  Develop an organizational infrastructure that ensures that the programmatic objectives are supported internally (facilities, technology, finances, communication, human resources, functional needs) and prepares for growth of the organization;
k. Provide direction and supervision to program, support staff and volunteers;
l.  Work with CCU advisory boards or committees on WIPL-related issues and strategic initiatives, as needed; and
m.  Report regularly to the University President and the CCU Board of Trustees, and communicates with the Vice President for Philanthropy.

2. President

a.  Convene and preside over meetings of the WIPL Board and any special meetings needed, and set the agenda with input from Board members. Request and review the reports and minutes of the Treasurer and Secretary, respectively, for Board approval;
b.  Preside over the business meeting section of the biannual membership meetings;
c.  Request reports (written or verbal) regarding the work of the Officers and/or Standing Committees to maximize communication and enhance outcomes;
d.  Convene initial meetings of ad hoc, special and new Standing Committees;
e.  Arrange coordination with CCU Women’s and Gender Studies Program and other relevant CCU organizations and resources on matters of mutual interest and programming;
f.  Serve as an ex-officio member of all WIPL Standing Committees, monitor committee work and activities; and
g.  Serve as a representative/spokesperson for WIPL, as needed.

3. Vice President/President-Elect

a.  Assist the President with WIPL Board responsibilities as requested, substitute for President in her absence, as needed;
b.  Gain an understanding of the operations of the WIPL Board and the organization through active participation in meetings, committees, programs, events, discussions;
c.  Assist Executive Director as requested, assist WIPL Board members when needed; and
d.  Stand for election as President when current terms expire, and devote effort in preparation for this responsibility.

4. Treasurer

a.  Prepare proposed annual budget with Executive Director to present to the WIPL Board;
b.  Prepare and present a financial report for each WIPL account for Board meetings or any special called meetings as requested;
c.  Ensure scholarship monies are distributed from the CEF to recipients;
d.  Ensure donations are administered according to specified purpose;
e.  Manage the WIPL Board's financial responsibilities including distribution of funds in all CEF accounts;
f.  Assist Executive Director with all grant proposals and administration as related to finances;
g.  Participate on Scholarship Committee; and
h.  In order to best execute duties as described, the individual serving as Treasurer should be an employee of CCU.

5. Secretary

a.  Verify a quorum for meetings;
b.  Take minutes at meetings of the WIPL Board and the general membership;
c.  Submit drafts of meeting notes for revision and record official notes as approved by the President and Executive Director;
d.  Send out notices for general membership meetings and/or other messages;
e.  Coordinate with Office for Philanthropy to maintain a current list of members’ contact information; and
f.  Maintain a record of WIPL program and activity materials, for archival purposes.

6. Public Relations Officer (appointed annually)

a.  Provide strategic direction for WIPL communication efforts under direction from the WIPL Board;
b.  Coordinate media relations and communications for the organization in concert with Office of University Communications and other applicable areas of the University;
c.  Update WIPL website as appropriate and per University policies;
d.  Assure compliance with South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA); and
e.  If the individual serving as Public Relations Officer is a WIPL Member in good standing, the role includes voting rights.

7. Liaison from the Office for Philanthropy (appointed annually)

a. Serve as the Office for Philanthropy Liaison for WIPL;
b. Work closely with the WIPL Board to develop fundraising initiatives for the group;
c.  Create membership forms/letters for the group;
d.  Provide the WIPL Treasurer with financial documentation of accounts;
e.  Assist Executive Director with all grant proposals; and
f.  If the individual serving as Liaison from the Office for Philanthropy is a WIPL Member in good standing, the role includes voting rights.

B.  The term for elected officers is two years to run concurrently with the fiscal year, from July 1 through June 30.

C.  Elected officers must be members of WIPL in good standing.

D.  Elected officers may serve up to two consecutive terms in the same capacity.

E.  Elected officers wishing to serve on the WIPL Board following two consecutive terms in the same capacity may do so following a one-year absence from Board service.

F.  Elections will take place at the Spring meeting, or as needed when vacancies arise. When vacancies are filled, the term is for the unfinished period of service.

G.  Officers are expected to: attend meetings, faithfully execute duties as described above, constructively support and help further the mission and vision of the organization, and participate in programs and events. Failure to meet these obligations may lead to removal of the individual from the WIPL Board. In these cases of concern, any Board member may call an emergency meeting to discuss the issues. A decision on action steps will be made by the full Board.

Article VII: WIPL Board and Standing Committees

A.  Responsibilities of the WIPL Board include setting donor levels, approving budgets, convening meetings, conducting business and voting, participating in strategic planning, reporting on the goals and projects of the organization, and promoting WIPL to the community.

B.  The WIPL Board will consist of the elected and appointed officers and liaison(s), Executive Director, Immediate Past President and Chairs of the Standing Committees. Chairs of the Standing Committees will have voting rights, will give reports and bring issues and ideas to the Board. The Immediate Past President serves in an advisory role as a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board, and will serve a two-year term.

C.  The Board provides a solid structure for the following:

1.  The Board holds a fiduciary role. It is responsible for on-going reviewing and monitoring accounts and approving an annual budget;
2.  The Board conducts an annual strategic planning meeting to review its goals and objectives, new initiatives and other matters relating to the progress of WIPL;
3.  The Board will approve, create and draft initiatives in support of the WIPL Mission;
4.  The Board will implement and evaluate ongoing and new initiatives that support the Mission;
5.  The Board reviews and approves any proposed changes in the scholarship program and ensure that the organization fulfills the intentions of its donors;
6.  The Board reviews and approves any proposed changes in donor categories;
7.  The Board reviews and approves any activity or event that is associated with the CCU WIPL name, to ensure alignment with its Mission. The President or Executive Director will act on behalf of the Board as appropriate and under time restraints; and
8.  The Board assigns, coordinates and monitors the work of its standing and ad hoc committees.

D.  A quorum shall consist of a simple majority (half the Board, plus one) in order to conduct official business.

E.  WIPL Standing Committees:

1.  Chairs of the Standing Committees will be appointed by the WIPL Executive Director in consultation with the WIPL Executive Board.
2.  The term for a Standing Committee Chair is two years and starts at the time of appointment.
3.  A Standing Committee Chair may serve two consecutive terms.
4.  The following Standing Committees are advisory to the WIPL Board and function as described below:

i.  Membership Committee
While each WIPL member is encouraged to invite and sponsor new members, the Membership Committee serves to focus on recruitment and retention of WIPL members by expanding membership opportunities, welcoming all members’ guests, and providing them with information regarding the organization. The committee will also periodically review donor membership categories as necessary and make recommendations to the WIPL Board.
ii.  Program Committee
The Program Committee may suggest special projects and events, such as a speakers’ series and other events that promote fundraising to facilitate the goals of WIPL. This committee also may arrange for special guest speakers for meetings as requested by and coordinated with the WIPL Board.
iii.  Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee will handle all aspects of the WIPL scholarship process, including: review criteria, read and vote on applications with input from trained reviewers, announce scholarship recipients and assess rubrics and results for continuous improvements. WIPL encourages interested members to consider development of more scholarships that may meet the needs of students in specific majors or other unique circumstances. The committee will ensure that the policies of the gift agreements related to scholarships are administered properly.
iv.  Nominations Committee
The Nominations Committee will be responsible for soliciting and vetting potential candidates for Officer positions, both for unexpected vacancies and for normal election cycles. The Nominations Committee recommends a slate of officers for a vote by the membership. This committee keeps track of current officer terms and alerts the WIPL Board when elections are needed.
v.  Conference and Celebration Committee
The Conference and Celebration Committee handles all aspects of the Women’s Leadership Conference and the Celebration of Inspiring Women. This committee has several sub-committees to ensure the planning and execution of these events. The committee chair ensures all aspects of the conference are approved by the Executive Director and follow CCU protocols.
vi.  Student Involvement Committee

5.  Ad hoc committees will be named, as needed, by the WIPL Board.

Article VIII: Amendments

A.  These Bylaws may be amended by a three-fourths (3/4ths) vote of the membership present or by written/electronic proxy, provided that the proposed amendments are communicated to all members at least ten (10) business days prior to the meeting.

B.  Amendments will become effective upon adjournment of the meeting at which adopted, unless otherwise specified.

Article IX: Parliamentary Authority

A.  In all matters of procedure, WIPL will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, unless otherwise specified herein.

Article X: Dissolution

A.  In the event of dissolution, abandonment or termination of the WIPL organization, no income, contribution or other revenue or funds shall accrue to the benefit of any individual member(s). Any and all assets then possessed by the organization after current indebtedness has been paid, shall revert to the CEF.

B.  Should the CEF dissolve or its legal existence be terminated for any reason, or should the Board of Directors of the CEF decide that they are no longer able to administer the funds, then the principal, along with any income that may be on hand, shall be transferred to some other non-profit institutions(s) capable of administering the scholarship and effectuating its purpose.