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WIPL leaders cited as "influential and inspirational women"

Terri DeCenzo and Debbie Connor were among nine area "influential and inspirational women" recognized by The Sun News in celebration of International Women’s Day.

DeCenzo has served as the executive director of WIPL since 2007.

Debbie Conner is vice president for campus life and student engagement at CCU. In 2002 she helped organize Women in Philanthropy, which was the foundation for what would become WIPL in 2007.

In the March 5, 2016, article both cited their mothers as the most influential women in their lives and offered the following advice to young women:

DeCenzo said: “Remain confident in your abilities to make an impact and a difference and realize that your abilities lie within you not from external titles or awards. Never let anyone else dictate your potential or change your course, but seek valuable feedback of your strengths and areas for improvement to get you where you dream of going. Find a mentor, coach or role model and ask for their support. And finally, be authentic in your actions so that your passion and your talent are reflected in all that you do.”

Connor said: “Discover what makes you tick and look for ways to be able to do that whether it is in your job or in your service to the community. There are two things you should invest in: First, your own education whether that is a degree or professional development opportunities. Never stop learning. Secondly, invest in your community; we should leave it better than we found it.”

March 11, 2016