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Women in STEM Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The Women in STEM Fellowship equips female students in male-dominated STEM majors with the tools to deal successfully with challenges, intimidation, and stereotype threat and to make them feel like they belong in their areas of interest. The fellowship offers a mentoring program, financial support for conference travel, research, workshops, and other professionalization opportunities, and brings prominent female speakers in STEM fields to CCU to serve as role models for our fellows.

Women in STEM Fellowship Goals:

  • Create a mentorship program in which female undergraduate and graduate students will offer advice and support to new female STEM majors
  • Bring together female STEM students in monthly meetings that can serve as consciousness-raising sessions and community-building programs
  • Support undergraduate research, conference travel, and memberships with pertinent professional organizations, such as the Association for Women in Math and Women in Computing
  • Bring prominent female speakers in STEM fields to CCU to give campus-wide lectures and workshops on their experiences
  • Select students to be CCU ambassadors who will reach out to younger female students in elementary and middle schools in the area to encourage interest in the STEM fields
  • Conduct workshops on life-long learning skills to support success in students’ graduate and professional endeavors, such as graduate school application and grant writing techniques
Contact the Departmental Mentors

Dr. Ina Seethaler
Women’s and Gender Studies Program

Dr. Gabriela Perez-Alvarado
Department of Chemistry

Dr. Jean French
Department of Computing Sciences

Dr. Brianna Thomas
Department of Physics

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