Volunteer Water Monitoring Program

Campus Monitoring

Coastal Carolina University’s Campus Monitoring Program has collected valuable water quality monitoring data on campus for over two decades. 

‌The goal of CCU’s Campus Monitoring Program is to provide an assessment of water quality conditions in the stormwater ditches and retention ponds on campus, all of which eventually send waters off campus towards the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge and the Waccamaw River. 

All of the data are posted at this website. Follow the stepped instructions to view data by date, site, and parameter in a number of user selectable formats including boxplots and time trends. 

Current Students

Students on Wall pond conducting water monitoringThere are a varierty of ways to get involved with the CCU Campus Monitoring Program. Students can participate as part of a capstone or internship experience with the Waccamaw Watershed Academy. Additionally, students can sign up for the Waccamaw Watershed Exploration (SUST 491) taught by the Waccamaw Riverkeeper which includes campus monitoring sampling. Contact wwa@coastal.edu for more information.