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Volunteer Water Monitoring Program

Quality Assurance  

The Waccamaw Watershed Academy's Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program adheres to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all aspects of our water quality monitoring. Our SOPs are frequently reviewed and updated to reflect changes in manufacturer recommendations and water monitoring best practices.  These SOPs have been combined in one comprehensive Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Handbook.  

WWA's Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Handbook 


Archived SOPs

  • Sampling Day Activities ()
  • All Parameters Field Check and Measurement (VM SOP 404_R1)
  • Hach 2100Q Turbidity Meter Calibration Check and Sample Measurement (VM SOP 409_R1)
  • E. coli and Total Coliform Analysis Using Coliscan(R) Easygel(R) PLUS Media (VM SOP 501_R3
  • Data Portal Instructions (VM SOP 107_R1

Meter Manuals

 Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)

WWA is working on updating our QAPP to reflect our new Volunteer Handbook.