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TEAL Nation

is the collective notion of excellence, integrity, and traditions that reflect who we are as individuals and as a community. Coastal Carolina University is an exciting, ever-changing place in which students can learn, grow, socialize, and become part of something bigger.

Student Affairs offers programs and services for all Coastal Carolina University students, and a number of programs for parents and families, including Orientation and Family Weekend. The areas comprising Student Affairs include Counseling Services, Dean of Students Office, Student Health Services, Student Engagement, and University Recreation.


Clubs and Organizations

With more than 180 student clubs and organizations to join, there is no shortage of ways for students to get involved on campus in areas that interest them most.  Student Engagement is the gateway for involvement opportunities, leadership development, and exciting entertainment. Intercultural and Inclusion Student Services gives students ways to embrace and share what makes them unique; because while our students are all part of Teal Nation, they are all also unique individuals who hail from almost every state across the U.S. and from several countries around the world.

Athletics Events

Our students fill the baseball stands at Spring Brooks Stadium, the home of the 2016 NCAA College World Series champions, pack Brooks Stadium to watch football, and visit the HTC Center to catch a basketball or volleyball game. Our “Chantourage” supports all 19 NCAA Division I teams, which also includes soccer, tennis, and lacrosse. As well as NCAA National Champion (60m) Melissa Jefferson, the first-ever individual national champion in Coastal Carolina historyAnd for students who want to get in on the athletic action, there are dozens of intramural and club sports – from rugby to field hockey to surfing. Coastal even has its own rock climbing wall and a disc golf course. 

Cultural Arts

Coastal Carolina celebrates culture and the arts with an engaging and full cultural calendar of events from art exhibits to musical concerts, movie screenings to ethical discussions, theatrical productions to drumline performances.

This just scratches the surface of the depth and breadth of what Coastal Carolina University has to offer each one of its students. One thing is certain: no matter what you like or where you are from, once you become part of Teal Nation, Teal Nation becomes a part of you.

Chants Up

If you have cheered on a Coastal Carolina University sports team, participated in summer Orientation, or attended a commencement ceremony, you may have seen students raising a hand in the air to display the “Chants Up” symbol. “Chants Up” is uniquely symbolic of Chanticleer spirit.

Chants Up - Details

CCU students created the Chants Up symbol to cheer on Chanticleer sports teams. While it may resemble other hand signals, the “Chants Up” symbol is significantly different and is actually a visual representation of the Chanticleer. The “Chants Up” symbol is formed with the pointer finger and thumb pinched tightly together to represent the Chanticleer beak with the pointer and thumb rounded, and the other three fingers fanned out to represent the feather comb at the top of the Chanticleer’s head.

The “Chants Up” symbol gained momentum outside of Chanticleer athletics during the summer of 2012, when student Orientation leaders taught incoming students and their families the fight song and “Chants Up.” The symbol quickly became ubiquitous throughout the campus as a local show of support for CCU.

Today, “Chants Up” has become a beloved CCU tradition and is often displayed at Chanticleer sports events, at the end of the alma mater during commencement ceremonies, and  as a representation of Teal Nation and Chanticleer enthusiasm.

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