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Parking regulations reminder

The Department of Public Safety would like to remind all faculty and staff members that the faculty and staff parking lot gates will be operational on Aug. 21. If you have not paid the annual barcode fee, you will not be able to access these parking areas. It may take several days to activate your barcode, so don’t wait.

If you attempt to access a gated parking lot (Singleton lot, Brittain lot, Wall lot, Academic Building II) without paying the fee, you may cause a traffic jam or an accident. If you plan to use these parking areas, please pay the fee online by clicking this link: Barcode Activation. There are credit card and payroll deduction payment options online.

When you pay online, your existing barcode will be re-activated without any further action from you; however, if you need a new barcode, then you will have to come to the Department of Public Safety to pick it up.

Please note that it is the responsibility of faculty and staff to read and abide by the Traffic and Parking Regulations as published by the Department of Public Safety, and these can be found by clicking this link: Traffic and Parking Information.

If you opt to pay the fee in person at the Office of Student Accounts (Baxley Hall, Room 127), you must then bring your receipt to the Department of Public Safety office to have your decal re-activated or to pick up your new decal.

The Department of Public Safety is located at 255 University Blvd., which is beside the Student Health Services building.