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In order to support you during your time with us at Coastal Carolina University, we offer many services to help you get the most of your experience.

Services & Support

Services & Support

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Career Services

Working toward success

Planning for a career requires careful attention. Our job is to help you be successful from start to finish.

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Safety & Security

CCU Alert & Chauncey Patrol

Coastal Carolina University considers the safety of its students, employees and visitors to be paramount.



Teal Goes Green

Sustain Coastal is committed to transform Coastal into an environmentally sustainable university through campus operations, student curriculum, engaging students through learning and outreach.

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Accessibility & Disability

The Office of Accessibility and Disability Services offers students with physical, psychological or learning disabilities accommodations and assistance. With appropriate documentation, counselors determine accommodations needed to assist students in taking full advantage of their Coastal Carolina University educational opportunities.


Counseling Services are offered to Coastal Carolina University students to assist students in defining and accomplishing their personal and academic goals. Priorities of the service include: Treatment of mental health concerns, prevention of psychological difficulties, educating students to live emotionally and behaviorally healthy lives, and contributing to a healthy campus environment. LiveWell@CCU promotes wellness through outreach and resources.

International Students

Our role is to answer questions prospective students have about Coastal, and help new and current international students throughout their stay at the University with wide range of issues, such as how to obtain social security cards, drivers' licenses, health and automobile insurance; explaining employment options; and serving as an on-going general information resource. See how we serve international students.

Veteran Students

To assist veterans in making the transition to college from the military and the transition to the workforce after college; to utilize the Veterans Success Team to retain and graduate veterans and their family members; and to conduct training for staff and faculty on veterans issues. Veteran students have a lot of services that are available to them.