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    Coastal Carolina University
    Student Health Center
    251 University Boulevard (across from Baxley Hall)
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Dear Students,

You are invited to seek health and wellness services from our dedicated team of professionals who are available to assess your health care needs. Student Health Services (SHS) provides quality primary care as well as prevention and education services that are student-centered with an emphasis on teaching personal responsibility for health and wellness.

As SHS continues its forward momentum towards a return to pre-pandemic operations, COVID-19 vaccinations (Moderna) are now available in SHS; and students, faculty, and staff may call to make COVID-19 vaccination appointments. Also, students may make their first dose COVID-19 vaccination appointment via the online student-patient portal, MySHS. Note, the Moderna vaccine requires two doses; and your appointment for your second dose (28 days after the first dose) will be scheduled for you before you leave SHS. Like other vaccines, you will need to remain in a waiting area for a minimum of 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine. In addition, there is no cost to you for the COVID-19 vaccinations.

If you simply want to ask general questions about the COVID-19 vaccination before making an informed decision, please call CCU COVID-19 Call Center at 843-349-4100. A contact tracer will be happy to share information with you as well as help you to navigate making a SHS appointment.

For your safety and others, please remember the following:

  • The health center is a medical facility; and you are required to wear a face covering/mask (over nose and mouth) at all times while inside the building.
  • For medical emergencies, call (843) 349-2911 (on campus Public Safety/First Responders) or 911.
  • The health center is closed from 12 noon to 1 pm for deep cleaning and sanitizing.
  • If you do have coronavirus-like symptoms, please call ahead; and you should anticipate being asked to take the following health and safety precautions:
    1. Test for COVID-19 or other respiratory illnesses when indicated.
    2. Initiate quarantine or isolation based on COVID-19 test results or ongoing symptoms.
    3. Self-report potential close contacts if your COVID-19 test result is positive.

Thank you for supporting SHS’ efforts to safely offer quality health care to students as well as protect the health and safety of the university community. Please see the Fall 2021 Operations Plan for futher information on the University's COVID-19 operations plan.

Welcome to our health and wellness community.

In health,
Caesar C. Ross III
Director, Student Health Services