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Arcadia Hall Athletics Administration (ARCA)

132 Chanticleer Drive West

Atheneum Hall Alumni, Philanthropy (ATNM)
104 Independence Drive 

Athletic Grounds Maintenance Building (AGMB)
829 Hwy 544

Atlantic Hall Procurement, Shipping and Recieving (AHPR)
642 Century Circle

Azalea Hall (AZAL) 
105 Quail Creek Village Avenue

Bill Baxley Hall Welcome Center (BAXL)
100 Chanticleer Drive East

Boni Belle Hitting and Practice Facility (BBHF)
148 Chanticleer Drive West

Clay D. Brittain Jr. Hall (BRTH)
125 Chanticleer Drive West

Brooks Stadium Benton Field (BSMB)
915 One Landon Loop

Brooks Stadium Ward Sports Performance Center (BSWS)
925 One Landon Loop

Brooks Stadium Garland Academic Enhancement Center (BSWV)
905 One Landon Loop

Bryan Information Commons (BICL)
376 University Boulevard

Burroughs & Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies (BCMW)
290 Allied Drive

Century Circle Office A (CCOA)
450 A Century Circle

Century Circle Office B (CCOB)
450 B Century Circle

Century Circle Office C (CCOC)
450 C Century Circle

Century Circle Storage Space (CCSS)
444 Century Circle

Central Energy Plant 1 (CEP1)
150 Evergreen Lane

Chanticleer Hall 3000 (CH30)
3000 Elvington Loop

Chanticleer Hall 3100 (CH31)
3100 Elvington Loop

Chanticleer Hall 3200 (CH32)
3200 Elvington Loop

Chauncey's Choice Food Service Catering (CHCH)
107 Tom Trout Drive

Coastal Band Hall (CBH)
120 Winyah Road

Coastal Science Center Academic Testing Center, OLLI, TDSE (CSCC)
301 Allied Drive

Cypress Hall (CYPRS)
110 Township Circle

DeCenzo Hall (41C)
3600 Elvington Loop (Formerly Teal Hall)

Dogwood Hall (DGWD)
130 Township Circle

Douglas Hall
107 Chanticleer Dr E, Conway, SC 29526

Thomas W. And Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts (EHFA)
133 Chanticleer Drive West

Elm Hall (ELM)
140 Township Circle

Elvington Building 4200 (EL42)
4200 Elvington Loop

Elvington Loop Pump Station (ELPS)
3801 Elvington Loop

Environmental Health and Safety/Transportation Facilities/University Storage (ETFS)
470 Allied Drive

Facilities Planning and Management (FAC1)
102 Shop Road

Facilities Supply/Custodial Services (FAC2)
755 Hwy. 544

Facilities General Maintenance (FAC3)
Shop 104 Shop Road

Fire Tower Student Parking (FTSP)
1133 Hwy. 544

Georgetown Offices/Classrooms/Boat Dock (GEC1)
909 Front Street, Georgetown S.C.

Georgetown Apartments Units A, B, C, D (GEC3)
901 Front Street, Georgetown. S.C.

Greenhouse (GRNH)
3803 Elvington Loop

Hampton Hall (HAMP)
108 Tom Trout Drive

Horry County Scholars Academy (HCSA)
104 Chanticleer Drive East

Hackler Golf Course/Club House (HGCG)
One Joe Carter Way

Hackler Golf Course/Thrash Learning Center (HTLC)
115 University Drive

Fred W. Hicks III Dining Hall The Commons (FHDH)
170 Township Circle

HTC Student Recreation and Convocation Center (HTCC)
104 Founders Drive

Human Resources (HRPD)
95 University Boulevard 

Indigo Hall Dean of Students (INDO)
104 Tom Trout Drive

Ronald R. Ingle Hall (RRIH)
160 Township Circle

Lib Jackson Student Union (LJSU)
100 Spadoni Park Circle

Kimbel Library (KLIB)
376 University Boulevard

Kingston Hall Early Childhood Development and Literacy Center (KING)
106 Chanticleer Drive East

Kearns Hall (KRNS)
386 University Boulevard

Lackey Chapel (LACK)
105 University Drive

Laurel Hall (LAUR)
106 Tom Trout Drive

Litchfield Education Center (LEC1)
14427 U.S. Hwy. 17 Pawleys Island, S.C.

Magnolia Hall (MAGN)
107 Quail Creek Village Avenue

Maple Hall (MAPLE)
120 Township Circle

Mense Hall ROTC (MNSE)
105 Chanticleer Drive East

Multi-Purpose Recreation and Athletic Fields (MPRA)
369 Allied Drive

Billy Nichols Tennis Facility (TENF)
945 One Landon Loop

Marrio and Josh Norman Athletic Field House (NAFH)
935 One Landon Loop

Oak Hall (OAK)
100 Township Circle

Palmetto Hall (PALM)
150 Township Circle

Penny Hall
115 Chanticleer Drive East

Public Safety Building (PLSB)
255 University Blvd.

Eldred E. Prince Building (PRIN)
100 Tom Trout Drive

Recreation Fields Atlantic Center (RECF)
465 Century Circle

Ronald G. Eaglin Hall (RGEH)
180 Township Circle

Recreation/Grounds Office and Storage (RGOS)
485 Century Circle

Residence Life Unit A (RLAA)   
454 Century Circle Unit A

Residence Life Unit B (RLBA)
454 Century Circle Unit B

Sands Hall Post Office, Faculty Ombuds (SAND)
107 Founders Drive

Sand Volleyball Complex (SVBC)
500 Century Circle

Science Annex II (SCI2)
107 Chanticleer Drive East

Edward M. Singleton Building (SNGL)
103 Tom Trout Drive

Pat Singleton-Young Hall 3900 (SY39)
3900 Elvington Loop

Pat Singleton-Young Hall 4000 (SY40)
4000 Elvington Loop

Pat Singleton-Young Hall 4100 (SY41)
4100 Elvington Loop

R. Cathcart Smith Science Center (SCI)
109 Chanticleer Drive East

Soccer Stadium (SOCC)
531 University Boulevard

Springs Brooks Stadium Baseball (SBSB)
965 One Landon Loop

St. John Stadium/Charles Wade-John Lott Field Softball (SFHS)
136 Chanticleer Drive West

Delan and Lynn Stevens Tennis Complex (STCX)
369 Allied Drive

Student Health Center Counseling Services (SHCS)
251 University Boulevard

Kenneth E. Swain Hall (KESH)
111 Chanticleer Drive East

TD Sports Complex (TDSC)
901 One Landon Loop

Thompson Library (TLIB)
(Library Learning Complex)

Tradition Hall 3300 (TD33)
3300 Elvington Loop

Tradition Hall 3400 (TD34)
400 Elvington Loop

Tradition Hall 3500 (TD35)
3500 Elvington Loop

E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration (WALL)
119 Chanticleer Drive East

University Place (UP)
Blue Ridge A-K: Residence Boulevard
Grand Strand A-C, F: Leaders Lane
Grand Strand D-E: Bronze Loop
Low Country A-I: Teal Loop
Piedmont A-H: Residence Boulevard
Sand Hills A-H: Bronze Loop

The Woods Pavilion Picnic Area (TWP1)
116 Chanticleer Drive

Williams-Brice Kimbel Arena (WB)
105 Independence Drive

Wheelwright Auditorium (WHEL)
108 Spadoni Park Circle


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