Tuition and Fees

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2024- 2025

Undergraduate Tuition per semester *

Full-time Students (12-18 credit hours) **

  • In-state: $5,820
  • Out-of-state: $14,814

Part-time (11 credit hours or less) **

  • In-state: $487/credit hour
  • Out-of-state: $1,231/credit hour


Graduate Tuition per semester *

Graduate programs in Business, Humanities and Fine Arts, Science

  • In-state: $598/credit hour
  • Out-of-state: $1,191/credit hour

Graduate programs in the College of Education

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Summer Rate*

  • Undergraduate: $487/credit hour
  • Graduate: $598/credit hour

* Tuition costs include the required technology fee: $90 for full-time students, $5 per credit hour for part-time and graduate students.

**Academic Overload (above 18 credit hours) will be charged the per credit hour rate for each additional hour.

First Day® Complete

Financial Responsibility: By registering for classes at Coastal Carolina University, a student accepts full financial responsibility for the payment of tuition, fees, and all other related expenses. If the student fails to make timely payment, his/her account may be referred to a collection agency, and he/she will be responsible for reimbursing the University for the collection agency's fees and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in such collection efforts. A student is bound by these policies for the duration of his/her enrollment at Coastal Carolina University and until all final charges are paid in full. All University fees are non-refundable after the last day for a 100 % refund for the term. Refund dates can be found on the Student Accounts Calendar.


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