Student Accounts

Student Accounts

2024 Summer II are due by June 27th. View your account and make payment online via Student Account Center.


Students can authorize parents and guardians to view account information and make payments. More information is available at How to Authorize Users.

Important Student Accounts Dates


Payment Arrangement


Initial FA Settlement
Refunds Begin

Summer II 2024
April 9
June 27 July 8  
Fall 2024 July 5 Aug. 15 Aug. 21 *Sept. 10
Spring 2025
Nov. 15 Dec. 18 Jan. 13 *Feb. 4
* Date is subject to change.
-2024 Fall initial settlement refunds will begin Sept. 10th for those who have set up direct deposit.  All others will begin on Sept. 13th. 
-2025 Spring initial settlement refunds will begin Feb. 4th for those who have set up direct deposit. All others will begin on February 7th.

**If course registration occurs after payment due date, payment arrangements are due immediately.


















Important Tax Information

Form 1098-T is necessary for persons who wish to utilize Educational Tax Credits. Form 1098-T will be available by Jan. 31 to students who meet the IRS reporting requirements. If you don't have an SSN/ITIN on file with the University please update immediately with the Registrar’s Office.

Form 1098-T can be accessed through Self Service.

Receipt of a Form 1098-T does not establish eligibility for certain educational tax credits. Students should consult a tax advisor to determine eligibility. Contact the Tax Office for any questions or concerns by March 1st.

** Special Note regarding Study Abroad and International Education Charges.

Some or all of your charges related to Study Abroad & International Education may be classified as Qualified Tuition and Related Fees. These are not included on your form 1098-T. It is recommended to request an itemized list of charges of your trip from These should be provided to your CPA or tax advisor regarding which charges may or may not be classified as QTRE and therefore potentially tax deductible if paid.

For more information on Educational Tax Credits and Form 1098-T please view our 1098-T FAQ page.