Lib Jackson Student Union

Lib Jackson Student Union

A student-focused centerpiece of our campus


The purpose of the Lib Jackson Student Union is to enhance the co-curricular experience for CCU‌ students. One of its primary ‌functions is to serve our student organizations. Student organizations that are officially registered and have completed all training, as ‌well as offices of departments housed in the union, will receive priority booking of meeting spaces, including the Student Organization Resource Center.

We have something for you...whether you are looking to get something to eat, playing/unwinding in the game room, watching a movie in The Coastal Theater, or simply visiting the student union to lounge in-between classes. To read more information about the role of college unions from the Association of College Unions International (ACUI).

To reserve a space/area in the student union, please visit the meeting spaces webpage

Calendar of events inside the student union. 

More information about the Student Union

The new section of this building opened on Jan. 12, 2015. With the renovation and expansion of the building, the Student "Center" was renamed the Student "Union" to reflect the new functionalities and philosophy behind the operation of the building. In remarks addressing the new name of the facility, Dr. Debbie Conner, former Vice President for Student Affairs, said:

'Union' occurs when something is formed by uniting two or more things. This space is a place for our students and our community to come together. It represents a coming of age for our university.

The Student Union added over 30,000 square feet, including: