Game Room - Coastal Carolina University
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‌Game Room Information

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday, noon to 11 p.m.
Sunday, noon to 9 p.m.  

Want to know the Student Union hours of operation, check them out here.

‌The Game Room has:  ‌

  • ‌Four Custom Teal Billiards Tables
  • Suffleboard Table
  • Arcade Machine with 2,100 games
  • Two XBOX ONE gaming systems with various games‌
  • Two PlayStation4 gaming systems with various games  
  • WiiU gaming systems with various games
  • Nintendo Switch with various games
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Foosball Table
  • Table Tennis Table
  • Board Games
  • Furniture to relax and hang out with fellow students
  • Three (3) cell phone charging stations 
  • Sound System with 16 speakers in ceiling playing music

Please be sure to have your CINO ID with you to swipe or know your CINO ID number for the student worker to check out any items in the game room. If you have a suggestion or game room request, please feel free to give the suggestion to one of the game room student assistants, drop a note in the suggestion box or email the LJSU at  

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Below are the game room tournaments for the Fall 2021 semester. If you have any questions about the tournaments, email the individual on the flyer, ask a student assistant in the game room or stop by the student union office, LJSU A-108.

Tournaments: TBD

We want to hear from Chris Adrian,, on which tournament you want for next semester.