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The TD Campus and Community Sustainability Initiative, also known as Sustain Coastal, is committed to transform Coastal Carolina University into an environmentally sustainable university through campus operations, student curriculum, engaging students through learning and outreach, and collaboration in the community through sustainable stewardship of resources.

Established in 2005, Sustain Coastal coordinates sustainable services including recycling, food waste composting, water refill stations, conservation, alternative transportation, as well as educational programs and outreach events such as the farmers' markets, Earth Month, Pop-Up Thrift Shop, Landfill on the Lawn, and Campus Salvage.


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CCU's Sustainable Farm to Table Program

The notion of farm to table eating has been around for quite a while, but Coastal Carolina University takes the effort one step farther. Dining halls at the University attempt to source food from as close to CCU as possible, with a network of farms across the Carolinas that supply produce and more. To ramp up the sustainability even more, however, Coastal takes food waste, turns it into compost, then uses that nutritious enhanced soil to feed plants in beds all across campus.