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Predict the Impact of Anticipated Grades in Currently Enrolled Courses

Students may enter credit hours and anticipated grades for courses in the Calculate Your Projected Semester GPA section. The calculator will then provide your predicted end of term GPA based on these entries. Additionally, the calculator will provide you a projected cumulative GPA, which includes your current GPA plus your anticipated grades.

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Understand the Impact of Repeat Forgiveness

Students may exercise “repeat forgiveness” for up to 13 undergraduate credits during their enrollment at Coastal Carolina University. For credits taken under this option, Coastal Carolina University will exclude the grade points and credit hours earned for the first enrollment in the course when calculating the student’s cumulative GPA and earned credit hours. Both grades will appear on the transcript. Only course grades of C, D, D+, F, or WF are eligible for “repeat forgiveness.” “Repeat Forgiveness” is not available for courses in which the student received a CX, D+X, DX, or FX grade.

Students may enter credit hours and earned grades (C, D+, D, F, or WF) for courses being considered for repeat forgiveness. These should be the prior attempt at courses currently being taken. The calculator will then provide an updated GPA based on utilization of repeat forgiveness. Please note that repeat forgiveness is applied automatically to any qualifying courses at the end of the semester, but is subject to the 13 credit maximum. Your ultimate cumulative GPA may differ from above based on individual policy limitations based on your academic record.

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