Online Decal Purchases



Windshield Replaced

With Receipt FREE
Without Receipt $30

Vehicle Totaled

With Verification FREE
Without Verification $30

Miscellaneous Decal Replacement (Decals lost or damaged by customer)

Fall/Spring Semester $30
Fall Semester Only $30
Spring Semester Only $30


Students and Faculty/Staff may obtain a free replacement decal when replacing a primary registered vehicle. When replacing such vehicle, the customer must provide proof that the vehicle will no longer be parked on campus. Acceptable proof of vehicle replacement includes:

  1. Removing and presenting the decal from the previously registered vehicle, or
  2. Documentation that the previously registered vehicle has been traded in the purchase of the new vehicle, or
  3. A police report if the previously registered vehicle has been stolen, or
  4. A declaration from the insurance company that the previously registered vehicle is a total loss.

All replacement decals can be obtained at Public Safety with proper documentation and/or payment receipt.