Principal Recommendation


The applicant must:

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Hold a valid South Carolina professional teaching certificate in the area the candidate is seeking licensure. *
Have a minimum of one year's successful teaching experience in South Carolina at the continuing contract level for practicum placements or three or more years of successful teaching experience for internship placements. *
Have expressed interest to a school administrator. *
Be recommended by a school administrator. *
Have demonstrated proficiency in integrating technology into P-12 student learning. *
Be a current practitioner or have been employed in a South Carolina public school system. *
Hold certification as an ADEPT evaluator or trainer, or they will have successfully completed an ADEPT seminar that follows the SCDE recommended structure and format (this applies to Cooperating Teachers of Interns only and South Carolina Mentor Training completes this requirement).


Use the rating scale below to clarify cooperating teacher selection. It is strongly recommended that selected cooperating teachers score a minimum of 3 in each of the listed characteristics.

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The applicant must:

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Possess personal and professional integrity that results in honesty, discretion, and trust in relationships with all members of the learning community.
Demonstrate the willingness and ability to engage in non-evaluative formative assessment processes, including reflective conversations with beginning teachers about formative assessment evidence of classroom practice.
Possess a willingness to deepen understanding of cultural, racial, ethnic, linguistic, and cognitive diversity.
Have a demonstrated knowledge of research-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment including academic and ADEPT standards.
Possess the willingness and ability to participate in ongoing professional preparation to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective mentor.
Demonstrate / model major district initiatives.
Positively impact P-12 student learning and development.
Be willing to attend all training and professional development opportunities related to Coastal Carolina University's requirements and procedures for evaluating and supporting candidates.
Throughout the clinical experience, be willing to provide each candidate with accurate, appropriate, and ongoing formative feedback that enables the candidate to improve his or her teaching performance and effectiveness.
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