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President's Honor List

Fall 2017

Students who have earned a GPA of 4.0 on a minimum of 12 grade hours at the time of official grade production are included on the President's Honor List, which is posted following the fall and spring semesters. 

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Aidana Abdullina Non-degree seeking
Madison B. Abernathy
Senior Early Childhood Education
Maria D. Acosta
Senior Early Childhood Education
Brandon D. Adams
Junior History
Christian C. Adams 
Senior Economics
Amanda M. Addy Senior Special Education
Colton J. Aksomitus 
Senior Biology
Allie E. Albrecht
Sophomore Marketing
Morgan A. Aldrich 
Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Elizabeth M. Allard 
Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Daniel C. Allen 
Freshman Marine Science
Sarah A. Allen 
Freshman Undeclared
Sydney E. Alvis 
Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Elana J. Ames 
Post Undergraduate Marine Science
Diamond G. Anderson 
Senior Exercise and Sport Science
James H. Anderson
Post Undergraduate Biochemistry
Josie J. Anderson 
Freshman Marine Science
Kilton C. Anderson 
Senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Ali L. Andrescavage 
Senior Marine Science
Nathen A. Andrews
 Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Michelle L.nAndrus 
Freshman Elementary Education
Danielle R. Angelillo 
Senior Recreation and Sport Management
Lauren R. Angello 
Senior Biology
Anett Angyalosi-Gunn 
Freshman Early Childhood Education
Natalia J. Antonucci 
Sophomore Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Kelsie M. Antunes 
Sophomore Management
Andrew T. Arney 
Sophomore Finance
Hannah L. Arrington 
Senior Sociology
Samantha J. Asbury 
Senior Early Childhood Education
Andrew C. Avery
Freshman Accounting


Shannon M. Baglanis Junior Middle Level Education
Cassandra N. Bailey 
Junior Communication
Gavin M. Bailey
Freshman Computer Science
Candace M. Baker 
Sophomore Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Kayla T. Baker
Freshman Psychology
Amidou M. Bamba Junior Finance
Guy C. Bannister Junior Musical Theatre
Nora J.Bannister Freshman Biology
Olivia R. Barbeau Sophomore Economics
Jamie L. Barkdull Senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Jennifer A. Barnes Freshman Marketing
Dane F. Barrick Freshman Engineering Science
Haley A. Bass Senior Mathematics
Eden C. Bauer Senior Biology
Adam C.Baumiller Senior Computer Science
Mason D. Beattie Freshman Computer Science
Carlos A. Becerra-Gomez Sophomore Psychology
Cori T. Bell Senior Early Childhood Education
Hugh A. Bell Sophomore Theatre Arts
Alexandra K. Bencivenga Senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Jeffrey A. Benjamin Senior Information Technology
Michaela A. Bennett Post Undergraduate Exercise and Sport Science
Morgan H. Benson Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Alyssa M. Berke Senior Management
Emilee A. Best Senior Elementary Education
Serena L. Bethle Senior Marketing
Amelia G. Betzer Sophomore Elementary Education
Daniel A. Biel Sophomore Management
Nicole M. Bishop Senior English
Tyra L. Bjorlo Sophomore Intelligence and National Security Studies
Monika Blackmon Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Lindsey M. Blackwell Freshman Middle Level Education
Meg E. Blake Freshman Finance
Carly E. Bland Sophomore Early Childhood Education
Brooke E. Bloomquist Senior Musical Theatre
Kevin M. Boissy Senior Accounting
Cody Bokash Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
LaDaysha K. Bonaparte Freshman Psychology
Sara J. Boothe Senior Management
Patrick L. Boronski Sophomore Computer Science
Joel M. Boulanger Freshman Management
Christian R. Bradly Freshman Management
Alexandra C. Brady Junior Music
Cain M. Brady Sophomore Finance
Maya L. Brannon Sophomore Intelligence and National Security Studies
Mikazha S. Breeden Senior Early Childhood Education
Noah M. Breeden Senior Management
Conor E. Brennan Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Maegan M. Briant Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Elaine N. Brindley Junior Elementary Education
Madeline R. Bromley Junior Communication
Kyle G. Brossard Junior Intelligence and National Security Studies
Axsel D. Brown Senior Accounting
Grant B. Brown Freshman Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Kasei F. Brown Senior Recreation and Sport Management
Laquasha S. Brown Senior Psychology
Morgan J. Brown Post Undergraduate Health Administration
Taylor N. Browne Junior Graphic Design
Elizabeth M. Brownell Senior History
Alessia J. Brunori Freshman Undeclared
Calabria L. Brunson Sophomore Finance
Kennedi S. Brunstad Senior Theatre Arts
Cody W. Buchanan Senior Recreation and Sport Management
Preston W. Burgess Post Undergraduate Recreation and Sport Management
Victoria L. Burke Senior Early Childhood Education
Steven L. Burnham Junior Computer Science
Sean N. Butler Sophomore History

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Joseph L. Cain Sophomore Intelligence and National Security Studies
Marissa E. Cain Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Emily C. Calderon Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Mikala D. Camburn Freshman Marine Science
Kiersten N. Camby Junior History
Brooke E. Campbell Senior Biology
Christine M. Carder Senior Early Childhood Education
Cori A. Carlston Sophomore Marine Science
Anna C. Carpenter Sophomore Psychology
Grace K. Carrino Freshman Public Health
Kaitlyn R. Carroll Senior Early Childhood Education
Matthew W. Carter Senior Management
Sammie R. Carter Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Ryan A. Case Junior Political Science
Olga S. Cash Senior Marketing
Jerry L. Casteel Junior History
Juan F. Castellanos Freshman Economics
Loren P. Cervenka Senior Early Childhood Education
Kristine L. Champlin Senior Elementary Education
Claire A. Chapman Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Lauren M. Chapman Senior Early Childhood Education
Meghan E. Chavis Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Roxanna L. Cheek Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Gabrielle A. Cheeseman Senior Marketing
D'Asia K. Cherry Sophomore Early Childhood Education
Caitlin A. Childers Freshman Graphic Design
Abbie E. Childs Freshman Marine Science
Olivia N. Christine Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Nathan M. Christopher Freshman Marketing
Madison A. Christy Senior Elementary Education
Jaime R. Ciarletto Senior Special Education
Alexis N. Clark Non-degree seeking
Ariel Lillian T. Clark Senior Marine Science
Bailey J. Clay Senior Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Jonathan B. Clayton Junior Management
Shonte M. Clement Junior Digital Culture and Design
Cayley A. Cody Freshman History
Hannah D. Coffman Senior Musical Theatre
Blakeney C. Coleman Sophomore Psychology
Trevor L. Coleman Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Christina E. Coley Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Reese E. Collins Freshman English
Jacob D. Condon Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Alyssa C. Conner Junior English
Nicole H. Conner Junior English
Charles J. Connett Sophomore Management
Isabela A. Cordeiro Junior Elementary Education
Francesco A. Cori Gamero Sophomore Management
Chase M. Cortese Sophomore Biology
Shadda S. Corwin Junior Political Science
Megan B. Cox Junior Early Childhood Education
Rylie Cox Sophomore Accounting
Alexis R. Cram Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Brian K. Crawford Freshman Finance
Ryan M. Creecy Freshman Finance
Samuel J. Cresta Freshman Management
Tori M. Cromley Senior Elementary Education
Rachel A. Currie Freshman English
Yvette A. Curtis Senior English


Lauren Dabner Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Hannah M. Dahl Sophomore Theatre Arts
Julia M. D'Aiello Sophomore Communication
Somer R. Dalla-Bona Freshman Finance
Amy J. Danielowich Senior Digital Culture and Design
Angelica R. D'Antonio Senior Art Studio
Alexandra M. Daumeyer Freshman Communication
Wyatt J. Davies Senior Information Systems
Abigail B. Davis Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Anne-Marie C. Davis Senior Management
Dallas D. Davis Senior Sociology
Emily M. Davis Junior Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Teiatra C. Davis Senior Communication
Tiara L. Davis Sophomore Public Health
Valerie L. Davis Junior Psychology
Whitney D. Davis Senior Marine Science
Emily E. Day Senior Elementary Education
John H. Day Freshman Finance
Kaeli E. Day Senior Biology
Courtney E. Dean Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Garth A. DeBell Senior Middle Level Education
Gregory P. DeLoache Post Undergraduate Exercise and Sport Science
Alaina M. Denney Junior Early Childhood Education
Alexandra P. Devine Freshman Communication
Paige N. Dieter Senior Middle Level Education
Samuel E. Difiore Freshman Finance
Olivia M. Dimatteo Junior Communication
Jennifer L. Dinguis Junior English
Julia E. Dipietro Freshman Finance
Kerry W. Dittmeier Senior Public Health
Ramsey C. Diven Sophomore Art Studio
Amelia R . Dobbs Senior Musical Theatre
Devann B. Donovan Senior Art Studio
Shayne M. Doone Freshman Marine Science
Raegan E. Dore Senior Elementary Education
Emily S. Doscher Junior Philosophy
Robert D. Dowd Sophomore Undeclared
Kaelea M. Drake Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Ridge T. Drake Freshman Graphic Design
Angelica H. Drew Freshman Elementary Education
Sierra Drumbore Freshman Undeclared
Alana Dorothea M. Drummond Senior Elementary Education
John M. Dudley Senior Musical Theatre
Lauren E. Durant Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Will H. Durbin Freshman Political Science
Caroline D. Durham Freshman Public Health
Emily R. Dye Sophomore Musical Theatre
Adam J. Dykes Freshman Physical Education

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Jenna M. Easterlin Freshman Marine Science
Alexis F. Echols Junior Marine Science
Katina H. Eckert Junior Graphic Design
Nellie G. Eckert Senior Graphic Design
Erik Eckleben Junior Management
Hannah G. Eiden Freshman Undeclared
Michael W. Eisenhardt Senior Management
Stephanie C. Eliason Senior Finance
Erin R. Elliott Sophomore Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Kayla A. Elliott Freshman Middle Level Education
Conner J. Elms Senior Early Childhood Education
Na'Andre A. Emerson Junior Communication
Josie G. Epps Junior Intelligence and National Security Studies
Charles C. Estelle Junior Marketing
Makhiya D. Eure Freshman Psychology
Jeremy E. Evans Sophomore Public Health
Jillian R. Evans Sophomore Intelligence and National Security Studies
Jolie A. Even Senior Mathematics


Justine D. Facer Junior Special Education
John V. Faley Freshman Undeclared
Ariel Falk Freshman Management
Madison M. Fama Junior Sociology
Luiz Fernando B. Faria Junior Management
Megan L. Fatzick Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Alyssa N. Fencel-Davila Junior Early Childhood Education
Carly C. Fenstermacher Senior Marine Science
Robert M. Ferguson Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Jonah A. Fesko Senior Physical Education
Madison T. Fiely Freshman Theatre Arts
John H. Finamore Senior Information Systems
Amanda B. Fineran Post Undergraduate Public Health
Regan A. Finn Freshmann Exercise and Sport Science
Colin J. Fisher Junior Management
Paul L. Fitzgerald Senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Johanna Fitzgibbons Freshman Biochemistry
Mayleigh J. Flanigan Freshman Management
Gianna M. Florez Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Emily L. Fondren Freshman Communication
Dominique E. Forbes Senior Mathematics
Rebecca G. Ford Senior Marine Science
Alexander O. Foster Junior Mathematics
Savannah N. Fowler Senior Elementary Education
Shannon J. Foy Freshman Sociology
Brooke A. Frazer Senior Elementary Education
Desmond J. Freeman Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Dylan J. Freeman Senior Communication
Taylor N. FreemaSophomore Public Health
Mitchell S. French Senior Management
Cassidy J. Frey Senior Communication
Alexis C. Friday Freshman Psychology
Amber T. Friedrich Senior Public Health
Kara M. Funk Senior Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management

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Alexis V. Gagnon Senior Elementary Education
Sydney M. Galloway Freshman Communication
Katelin A. Gandee Post Undergraduate Communication
Thomas J. Gannon Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Jazmin N. Garcia Senior Sociology
Wyatt J. Gardner Sophomore Management
Sarah J. Garner Senior Early Childhood Education
Ashleigh P. Garrett Freshman Graphic Design
Holden B. Gasque Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Erica L. Gattozzi Senior Communication
Carissa M. Gauthier Senior Management
Sydney C. Gemmell Senior Psychology
Karina A. Gibeau Sophomore Graphic Design
Joseph A. Given Senior Information Technology
Victoria L. Gluck Freshman Marine Science
Kristian H. Goble Senior Management
Adam D. Goga Sophomore Mathematics
Veronica J. Good Senior English
Sarah C. Goodman Junior Special Education
Steven Goodman Freshman Marketing
Emmie M. Gore Sophomore Art Studio
Sarah E. Gower Junior Mathematics
Lauren E. Grace Freshman Finance
Asia M. Graham Senior Communication
Emily J. Graham Senior Accounting
Paxton M. Granger Freshman Elementary Education
McKenzi Grant Sophomore Communication
Tyler S. Gregory Senior Marine Science
Brendan T. Greve Non-degree seeking
Brianna M. Grimes Junior Marine Science
Ashley M. Grimm Senior Marine Science
Zachary R. Gsegnet Junior Communication
Julien K. Guicherit Sophomore Biology
Douglas R. Gumprecht Freshman Anthropology and Geography
John M. Gunter Senior Exercise and Sport Science 

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Kendall R. Haffner Junior Accounting
Keiana L. Haigh Non-degree seeking
Matthew K. Hale Senior Accounting
Bailey E. Hall Sophomore Undeclared
Lexie H. Hall Junior Psychology
Hannah J. Hamelman Senior History
Rodney A. Hancock Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Tiffany N. Hancock Senior English
Christian A. Hanna Freshman Accounting
Christian T. Hannon Freshman Finance
Malene K. Hansen Senior Marketing
Holly L. Hardee Senior Early Childhood Education
Katelin M. Hardee Senior Special Education
Mikayla W. Harper Freshman Marketing
Kasey D. Harrington Senior Accounting
Megan Harris Post Undergraduate Early Childhood Education
Caitlyn N. Harrison Junior Sociology
Emilee L. Hassanzadeh Senior Musical Theatre
Thomas J. Hastie Post Undergraduate Management
Jackson C. Hauf Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Shanon L. Hausler Freshman Marketing
Richard M. Hawley Junior Marine Science
Madelyn B. Hawver Non-degree seeking
Ethan M. Hayes Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Dalton L. Hedrick Junior Theatre Arts
Molly R. Heemer Senior Interdisciplinary Studies
James D. Heldmann Freshman Biochemistry
Gregory N. Helmlinger Junior Management
Korilyn R. Hendricks Senior Theatre Arts
Brittany R. Henline Junior Accounting
Stephanie M. Henning Sophomore Marketing
Zachery W. Hensel Post Undergraduate Biology
Kristen R. Herrera Senior Early Childhood Education
Terrance I. Heyward Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
LaKayla J. Hibbitt Junior Elementary Education
Kiernan M. Higgins Freshman Engineering Science
Rebecca P. Hight Freshman Marine Science
Jessica S. Hilt Senior Early Childhood Education
Kyla R. Hilty Senior Early Childhood Education
Taylor N. Hinds Senior Biochemistry
Caitlyn M. Hinnerschitz Sophomore Elementary Education
Anne E. Hobdy Junior Marine Science
Dylan S. Hoffman Freshman Recreation and Sport Management
Curtis W. Holland Freshman Marketing
Jake A. Hollingsworth Freshman Special Education
Shania R. Holmes Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Keiona M. Houser Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Ana F. Howe Senior Psychology
Amanda J. Howell Sophomore Marine Science
Lauren E. Hribar Sophomore Intelligence and National Security Studies
Maureen S. Hucks Post Undergraduate Nursing
Kevin R. Hughes Sophomore Music
Cassidy R. Hunt Sophomore Theatre Arts
Megan E. Hunt Sophomore Marketing
Erin E. Hurley Junior Anthropology and Geography
Samantha H. Hurwitz Freshman Middle Level Education
Melissa G. Hydock Junior Art History


Alexandros Ierides Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Eve S. Ivey Freshman Sociology

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Connor J. Jackson Sophomore Finance
Xavier C . Jackson Sophomore Theatre Arts
Jamie C. Jacobs Freshman Management
Gary C. Jamerson Post Undergraduate Recreation and Sport Management
Sydney E. James Sophomore Anthropology and Geography
Logan Jarrell Senior Marine Science
Gregory B. Jefferson Freshman Music
Joshua J. Jenkins Senior Biology
Noelle E. Jennings Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
James C. Jester Sophomore Theatre Arts
Kiwan A. John Sophomore Theatre Arts
Brooklyn P. Johnson Senior Early Childhood Education
Bryan D. Johnson Freshman Recreation and Sport Management
Emily I. Johnson Sophomore English
Haley E. Johnson Sophomore English
Jillian E. Johnson Senior Early Childhood Education
Kathryn A. Johnson Senior Elementary Education
Lakelyn T. Johnson Sophomoree Early Childhood Education
Victoria L. Johnson Senior Elementary Education
Caroline M. Johnston Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Antinia S. Joiner Senior Communication
Ashley E. Jones Junior Sociology
Quinn K. Jones Junior Theatre Arts
Jennifer S. Jonson Freshman Management
Anna G. Jordan Non-degree seeking
Ashley D. Jordan Senior Physical Education
Hattie A. Jordan Post Undergraduate Economics
Kylee D. Jordan Freshman Political Science
Carina M. Julian Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Yuliya Jus Senior Information Systems


Eric K. Kalkbrenner Senior Intelligence and National Security Studies
Brenna J. Kallod Junior Music
Assem Kambarova Non-degree seeking
Kelsey E. Kanauss Sophomore Early Childhood Education
Mahealani M. Kanekoa Sophomore Biochemistry
Matthew J. Kaplan Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Maria A. Karahalios Post Undergraduate Political Science
Julie Kavjian Sophomore Marine Science
Madeleine M. Kee Freshman Marine Science
Laine R. Kehoe Sophomore Computer Science
Kyle T. Keis Senior Management
Brianna M. Keith Sophomore Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Benjamin D. Kennedy Senior Biochemistry
Aruna Kerimova Non-degree seeking
Christopher H. Keys Junior History
Stephanie L. Kiley Junior Special Education
Megan P. Kilpatrick Junior Recreation and Sport Management
Ashley N. King Junior Elementary Education
Dillon E. King Senior Marine Science
Anakin S. Kinsey Junior Computer Science
Rachel K. Kirberger Sophomore Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Andrew P. Kline Junior Marine Science
Logan S. Klinepeter Junior Marine Science
Kade I. Knodle Sophomore Intelligence and National Security Studies
Leah S. Kodzai Junior Management
Leah C. Kohler Senior Graphic Design
Charlotte Kollman Senior Marine Science
Katie L. Kolobielski Senior Early Childhood Education
Zachery A. Kornhauser Senior Recreation and Sport Management
Kelsey J. Kozora Junior Psychology
Kelsey R. Kramer Senior Communication
Patty A. Kramer Senior Elementary Education
Arman C. Kriner Freshman Undeclared
Jillian M. Kucic Sophomore Middle Level Education
Kylie M. Kusnarowis Freshman Psychology
Dylan T. Kyle Junior Psychology

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Jenna L. Labossiere Senior Early Childhood Education
Caroline S. Lackey Non-degree seeking
Royson W. Lacle Sophomore Digital Culture and Design
Tranen F. LaForm O'Shea Junior Special Education
Kiersten A. Laird Junior Communication
Nathan A. Lake Junior Intelligence and National Security Studies
Taylor A. Landstrom Junior Biology
Jessica N. Lange Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Andrew W. Larkin Sophomore Middle Level Education
Abbigail F. Larocque Freshman Theatre Arts
Macy E. Larrimore Junior Early Childhood Education
Iyana A. Lathan Freshman Public Health
Sarah K. Lauer Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Michael P. Lauyans Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Michaela B. Lawlor Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
David Laws Senior Biochemistry
Sora M. Lebowitz Senior Information Technology
Madeleine A. Lee Senior Marine Science
Brenna M. Leftwich Senior Marketing
Mark K. Lehment Non-degree seeking
Aurora R. Leindecker Sophomore Marketing
Alan J. Lemons Senior Marketing
Kamryn A. Leonardo Freshman Biochemistry
Giovanna E. Leone Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Arieal H. Lesure Senior Music
Lauren R. Levardi Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Andrew T. Lewis Senior Information Systems
Bailey A. Lewis Junior Early Childhood Education
Daniel J. Lewis Senior Intelligence and National Security Studies
Kacey A. Lewis Senior Early Childhood Education
Moriah K. Lilly Senior Sociology
Brenna R. Lindner Freshman Special Education
Oniola Lirjoni Senior Early Childhood Education
Lukas A. Little Sophomore Political Science
Taylor N. Little Sophomore Graphic Design
Thomas J. Little Senior Musical Theatre
Colton E. Lloyd Sophomore Economics
Alexandra M. Lombardo Freshman Undeclared
Madalynn H. Long Freshman Early Childhood Education
Taryn R. Long Freshman Marine Science
Payton H. Lookenbill Senior Early Childhood Education
Rebecca L. Lopes Senior Special Education
Justin F. Lowes Senior Public Health
Eugene D. Lucas Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Jake M. Lucas Senior Political Science
McKenzie J. Lucas Sophomore Psychology
Felicia M. Lucia Senior Sociology
Casey E. Ludwick Sophomore Marine Science
Marie Lunackova Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Christina C. Lunetta Junior Early Childhood Education


Hannah R. Mabry Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Kenneth B. Mabry Freshman Physical Education
Tyler M. MacDonald Senior Psychology
Chloe N. Madison Senior Recreation and Sport Management
Megan M. Majewski Freshman Biology
Casey E. Mallon Senior Political Science
Brittany A. Marchie Senior Early Childhood Education
Gabrielle Marrero Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Elizabeth A. Martin Senior Early Childhood Education
Marlene A. Martinez Junior Sociology
Ashley E. Masliuk Senior Elementary Education
Ryan E. Mattingly Junior Economics
Michael A. Mattox Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Hunter L. Mau Freshman History
Maxwell S. McArdle Freshman Accounting
Amari M. McCants Freshman Management
Robert D. McCarthy Senior Marketing
Regan J. McComb Junior Recreation and Sport Management
Taylor E. McConnell Senior Elementary Education
Riley A. McCormick Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Alyssa M. McDaniel Freshman Psychology
Jaymie L. McDowell Senior Early Childhood Education
Robyn N. McDowell Senior Early Childhood Education
Jason M. McEachern Senior Communication
Matthew J. McElgunn Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Carly J. McGee Sophomore Communication
Sarah L. McInnis Freshman Theatre Arts
Cannon R. McIntosh Junior Mathematics
Brooke A. McIntyre Sophomore Early Childhood Education
Bryce E. McLaughlin Freshman Recreation and Sport Management
Marcus J. McLeod Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Ashley L. McMillan Senior Early Childhood Education
Autumn R. McNutt Junior Theatre Arts
Erin M. McQuade Sophomore Accounting
Olivia L. Meletes Senior English
Emma K. Melton Sophomore Management
Selena V. Mendoza Junior Political Science
Felipe D. Mendoza Ramirez Senior Biochemistry
Yancy W. Methvien Senior Management
Kassandra L. Metivier Junior English
Taylor R. Mikelonis Freshman Undeclared
Kyla M. Miles Senior Communication
Annie V. Miller Senior Early Childhood Education
Eugenia C. Miller Sophomore Psychology
Paris R. Miller Junior Accounting
McKayla M. Mills Freshman Psychology
Daniel B. Miranda Junior Information Technology
Allison M. Mitchell Sophomore English
Chelsea Mitchell Sophomore Intelligence and National Security Studies
Jenna M. Mize Sophomore Psychology
Kailey A. Moise Freshman Marine Science
Taylor M. Monahan Senior Philosophy
Tyrone B. Mondi Sophomore Accounting
Zachary L. Montou Senior Theatre Arts
Anaiya J. Moore Sophomore Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Dylan C. Moore Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Kelvin D. Moore Freshman Accounting
Kieran L. Moore Junior Management
Lindsey N. Morgan Senior English
Joretta L. Morris Junior English
Taylor J. Morris Junior Psychology
Megan V. Morton Senior Psychology
Henrik Mueller Junior Management
Faris M. Mukhlus Freshman Political Science
Autumn L. Mulcahy Senior Psychology
Jenna K. Mullin Junior Biology
Caleb C. Mund-Gerbino Junior Marketing
Tiffani N. Mungin Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Skyler O. Munson Senior Psychology
Zachary M. Murray Freshman Accounting
Jessica T. Myers Senior Marine Science

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Madison M. Nau Sophomore Anthropology and Geography
Sarah M. Navin Post Undergraduate English
Heston L. Neal Junior Marine Science
Emily F. Neil Senior Special Education
Edward S. Neiswonger Freshman Accounting
Angelina M. Nelson Senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Chelsea N. Nelson Senior Intelligence and National Security Studies
Amanda L. Neudenberger Sophomore Marine Science
Drake A. Neumann Freshman Management
Alexa L. Newall Sophomore Early Childhood Education
Sarah M. Newcomb Junior Marketing
Rachael L. Newlands Junior Early Childhood Education
Chase D. Newsome Sophomore Management
Ashton V. Nguyen Junior Graphic Design
Sara G. Nibar Freshman Biochemistry
Ronald L. Nicastro Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Jennifer L. Nickas Freshman Psychology
Charles J. Nicosia Junior Marketing
Taylor M. Novotny Freshman Recreation and Sport Management
Madison J. Nowlin Senior Intelligence and National Security Studies
Jarika J. Nuffer Post Undergraduate Recreation and Sport Management


Bailey M. O'Brien Freshman Management
Cameron J. O'Connell Sophomore Psychology
Tyler A. O'Dell Junior Recreation and Sport Management
Raynard K. Odom Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Isiuwa O. Oghagbon Freshman Political Science
Kerri A. O'Halloran Senior Sociology
Audrey V. Oien Sophomore Intelligence and National Security Studies
Austin J. Oldfield Freshman Accounting
Devyn B. Olds Sophomore Management
Mary E. Olsen Freshman Marine Science
Nicholas R. Orr Senior Marketing
Michael C. O'Shea Senior History


Sybil A. Paitsel Freshman Psychology
Lauren M. Palazuelos Sophomore English
Jensen E. Palmer Freshman Finance
Alessandro J. Parisi Senior Accounting
Joseph M. Parsons Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Taylor M. Pascale Senior Graphic Design
Nicole A. Pascarella Freshman Public Health
Corryn L. Patterson Freshman English
Shaun A. Payne Post Undergraduate Communication
Tiffenny M. Pearson Senior Communication
Hannah J. Pecha Senior Elementary Education
Alyssa N. Peck Sophomore Communication
Victoria L. Peck Sophomore History
Kirsten L. Pecotte Junior Recreation and Sport Management
Jeremy D. Pekoff Freshman History
Gregory T. Pennock Freshman Management
Shane P. Peters Freshman Management
Kaylee D. Petraccione Sophomore Biology
Jacob B. Petrie Freshman Management
Benjamin M. Pfingstler Freshman Physics
Emaleigh E. Phillips Senior Early Childhood Education
Hali M. Phillips Junior Accounting
Megan E. Phillips Junior Middle Level Education
Nicholas P. Pietri Senior Sociology
Kelci E. Pike Senior Communication
Nicole M. Pippo Junior Communication
Michelle M. Pitoscia Junior Elementary Education
Kirsten R. Piuma Senior Early Childhood Education
Nestor Planes Rocher Freshman Finance
Claire M. Poeckes Senior Political Science
Jessica A. Pollack Senior Marine Science
April Pollock Senior Theatre Arts
Ana-Marie Pollutro Senior Communication
Dara Potts Senior Theatre Arts
Katherine J. Prandi Freshman Marine Science
Angela D. Prince Senior Early Childhood Education
Madelyn S. Prince Sophomore Management
Christina Pudlo Senior Early Childhood Education
Camille D. Purdue Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science

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Hanna C. Quinn Freshman Early Childhood Education


Amber L. Rahman Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Madison R. Rahner Senior English
Jose R. Rangel Junior Music
Rehm W. Raper Senior Early Childhood Education
Noel V. Rapp Junior Sociology
Haley N. Ray Senior Marine Science
Skyler G. Reep Junior Computer Science
Katherine M. Reeves Senior Middle Level Education
Kyle M. Reeves Senior Accounting
Maximilian Reiff Non-degree seeking
Tyler Rembilas Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Maggie L. Renfroe Junior Musical Theatre
Emily A. Ricardo Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Kyra D. Ricci Sophomore Biology
Jacob C. Rice Non-degree seeking
Lexi M. Richardson Senior Psychology
Gabrielle A. Richbow Freshman Early Childhood Education
Zane T. Riddle Sophomore History
Jesse M. Riehm Sophomore Accounting
Lucas A. Riggs Sophomore History
Alyssa A. Risner Junior Biology
Stephanie E. Roa Senior Accounting
Judith R. Roberto Senior Sociology
Olivia D. Roberts Freshman Marine Science
Rebecca F. Roberts Senior Interdisciplinary Studies
Richard L. Roberts Senior Political Science
Julia A. Robinson Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Alexis I. Rogers Junior Early Childhood Education
Katherine L. Rumrey Sophomore Elementary Education
Michaela R. Ryhal Junior Early Childhood Education


Sean Safko Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Christy L. Salinari Sophomore Political Science
Jessica A. Sanders Freshman Marine Science
Nicholas G. Santaniello Freshman Accounting
Megan E. Sarni Senior Early Childhood Education
Jacob A. Sarver Senior Finance
Cecily C. Sass Junior Middle Level Education
Riley O. Saunders Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Emily M. Scheffler Senior Special Education
Thomas B. Scheffler Senior Management
Kaitlin M. Schell Senior English
Cristina M. Scherer Freshman Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Jocie R. Scherkenbach Senior English
Mackenzie E. Scheuermann Sophomore Marine Science
Bethany R. Schoppert Junior Marine Science
Casey S. Schroeder Senior Recreation and Sport Management
Victoria Schuyler Freshman Finance
Adam M. Scott Freshman Undeclared
Gabrielle M. Sellers Freshman Psychology
William A. Sewell Junior Management
Sanibel S. Sharp Junior Early Childhood Education
Elijah N. Shaw Senior Marine Science
Allie M. Sheets Senior Political Science
Damian T. Sherrill Freshman Undeclared
Hailey M. Shetler Freshman Undeclared
Lillian N. Shoji Junior Theatre Arts
Sunneva H. Sigurvinsdottir Sophomore Finance
Sloane M. Siler Senior Communication
Sahar Simantov Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Sunny L. Simounet Sophomore Communication
Myeshah U. Sims Junior Elementary Education
Kenneth C. Sitkowski Sophomore Communication
Jason Skibinski Freshman Musical Theatre
Catherine E. Skroly Junior Public Health
Sydney J. Smaldino Senior Public Health
Nia C. Smalls Freshman Political Science
Ariana A. Smith Freshman Undeclared
Dominique D. Smith Senior Theatre Arts
Jennifer Smith Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Kaitlyn I. Smith Freshman Elementary Education
Lauren E. Smith Sophomore Communication
Noah G. Smith Freshman Physical Education
Tori L. Smith Senior Early Childhood Education
Victoria L. Smith Sophomore English
Grace R. Snuffer Freshman Elementary Education
Maria C. Sparacino Junior Psychology
Elizabeth A. Spegar Senior Middle Level Education
Samantha B. St. Andrews Freshman Special Education
Nora L. Stanley Senior Marine Science
Madilyn D. Stanton Junior Marine Science
Natalee N. Stanton Senior Political Science
Benjamin D. Steinberg Freshman Information Systems
Kallie R. Stephens Sophomore Psychology
Rachel F. Stevens Senior Biology
Joshua V. Stilley Senior Finance
Kailey N. Stillman Freshman Marine Science
Kenneth L. Stillwell Senior Accounting
Ryleigh C. Stoll Junior Elementary Education
Derrick A. Storzieri Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Tavia L. Sturgill Senior Psychology
Mallory B. Suggs Senior Special Education
Daniel L. Sullivan Freshman Management
Tyler J. Sullivan Senior Mathematics
Armani K. Sumpter Freshman Public Health
Brian J. Sutton Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Shane P. Sydnor Senior Intelligence and National Security Studies

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Tyler H. Ta Senior Information Systems
Devockius T. Tabron Freshman Communication
Kaleigh N. Tarabek Freshman Special Education
Paloma J. Tavera Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Emily R. Taylor Senior Public Health
William H. Taylor Post Undergraduate Graphic Design
Alana R. Tellier Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Nicholas W. Tester Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Emily A. Thibeault Junior Communication
Baxter T. Thomas Senior Information Technology
Rachel L. Thomas Senior Communication
Tessie N. Thomas Freshman Early Childhood Education
Emma R. Thompson Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Jenna M. Thompson Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Samantha M. Thompson Freshman Undeclared
Alexa N. Tiefel Sophomore Management
Faith V. Tison Junior Exercise and Sport Science
Carlie N. Todd Senior Intelligence and National Security Studies
Ian W. Tokofsky Freshman Engineering Science
Alexis B. Tomlin Non-degree seeking
Aristea Tontai Freshman Biology
Timi A. Tooley Senior Public Health
Samantha N. Torsiello Freshman Sociology
Emily Towne Junior Accounting
Rachel L. Tricomi Junior Elementary Education
Samantha D. Trovato Senior Psychology
Rachael E. Trudon Junior Sociology
Aizhan Tuleubekova Non-degree seeking
Erin R. Turman Post Undergraduate English
Courtney M. Twing Senior Early Childhood Education
Marjorie L. Tyler Freshman Management
Michael J. Tylicki Freshman Finance


Rachel A. Uebelacker Sophomore Marine Science
Amy E. Ueberrhein Freshman Intelligence and National Security Studies
Connor L. Uptegrove Junior Communication
Rachel C. Uram Junior Public Health
Friederike Urlaub Non-degree seeking


Alicia N. Valesey Senior Management
Nicole A. Van Dzura Sophomore Biology
Aynslee Van Graan Senior Art Studio
Samantha L. Vanasse Freshman Marketing
Kailee N. Vander Lyke Freshman Biology
Emma R. Vandevelde Senior Musical Theatre
Rachel Vanrensselaer Senior Communication
Hansel C. Varn Junior Interdisciplinary Studies
Harris T. Varnum Freshman Recreation and Sport Management
Bryan A. Varsalone Senior Recreation and Sport Management
Benzell Vereen Junior Sociology
Elizabeth P. Vermont Freshman History
Elizabeth G. Voigt Junior Marketing
Hannah G. Von Zup Freshman Undeclared
Jennifer L. Von Schondorf Senior Psychology
Gabrielle L. Vujanic Senior Marketing

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Craig S. Walker Senior Computer Science
Seth W. Walker Freshman Exercise and Sport Science
Jessica L. Walters Freshman Marketing
Kevin A. Wambold Sophomore Marketing
Christopher S. Ward Sophomore Marketing
Ryan P. Ware Sophomore Marine Science
Brandi R. Washell Senior Exercise and Sport Science
Kayla L. Washington Sophomore Marine Science
Jenna L. Wasserman Freshman Graphic Design
Kasey R. Wasylyk Post Undergraduate Exercise and Sport Science
Savannah E. Watson Sophomore Early Childhood Education
Sydney T. Watson Sophomore Communication
Zackary R. Weilage Freshman Undeclared
Hannah C. Weinberg Senior Marine Science
Dylann P. Werkmann Senior Communication
Joshua J. Westerhaus Junior Computer Science
Patrick R. Whalen Freshman Finance
Cassady A. Whaley Freshman Marine Science
Kerry L. Wheeler Junior Marine Science
Tiffany S. Whisenant Junior English
Brittany M. Whitcher Sophomore Marine Science
Amanda N. White Junior Interdisciplinary Studies
Trevor T. Whittaker Junior Accounting
Logan D. Willeford Senior Biology
Amanda M. Williams Freshman Special Education
Catherine C. Williams Freshman Elementary Education
Kayleigh D. Williams Senior Early Childhood Education
Payton L. Williams Freshman Early Childhood Education
Hannah L. Wilson Junior Musical Theatre
Jada C. Wilson Freshman Psychology
Joseph B. Wilson Junior History
Justin J. Wilson Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Louise E. Wilson Senior Communication
Lucken J. Wilson Freshman Undeclared
Hailey M. Wimmenauer Sophomore Exercise and Sport Science
Haley A. Winger Freshman Middle Level Education
Owen D. Winkler Freshman Management
Olivia H. Winstead Freshman Communication
Paris R. Winters Senior Marketing
Katrice P. Wise Senior Special Education
Tessa K. Wise Freshman Marine Science
Madison W. Wolf Junior Economics
Cammie C. Wolfe Sophomore Political Science
Danielle K. Wolowitz Freshman Marketing
Katlin M. Wood Junior History
Sarah H. Wood Freshman Marketing
Lucas A. Woodside Senior Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management
Benjamin J. Woolcock Sophomore Finance
Victoria T. Worley Senior Political Science
Megan D. Worrell Senior Early Childhood Education
Christopher J. Wright Senior Music
Connor J. Wrightson Senior Management


Jun Kai Xing Senior Computer Science


Amy M. Yannizze Sophomore Communication
Lauren E. Yerardi Senior Elementary Education


Sydney A. Zavadil Senior Communication
Aidan I. Zeitz Senior Recreation and Sport Management

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