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Health Administration (B.S. completion)

There are 124-129 credits required for this degree. Forty-five hours are required courses for this program and must be completed at Coastal Carolina University. Thirty four to thirty nine hours are required core curriculum for Coastal Carolina University. Students with Associate Degrees in Science and Arts will be exempted for core curriculum requirements. Forty five hours will be awarded for the courses completed in their technical discipline.. Additional credits can be obtained through the selection of elective courses, depending upon the interests of the students and the availability of distant learning courses.

REQUIREMENTS  (124-129 hours)

I. Core Curriculum (must include Statistics) 34-39 hrs

II. Health Science courses transferred from Technical Colleges 45 hrs

III. Major Requirements 45 hrs

ECON101 Survey of Economics 3hrs
ENGL 211 Introductions to Technical and Professional Writing 3hrs
PHIL 317 Biomedical Ethics 3hrs
HPRO 380 Essentials of the Health Care System 3hrs
HPRO 420 Health Policy 3hrs
CBAD 201 Accounting I 3hrs
CBAD 350 Marketing 3hrs
CBAD 363 Business Finance 3hrs
CBAD 371 Management 3hrs
BSHA 305 Health Care Marketing 3hrs
BSHA 380 Human Resource Management in Health Care 3 hrs
BSHA 382 Budgeting Finance & Health Care Payment 3hrs
BSHA 449 Leadership And Organizational Change in Health Care 3hrs
BSHA 455 Managing Health Information 3hrs
BSHA 456 Health Data Analysis 3hrs

*IV. Electives (as needed) 0-12 hrs


*Coastal Carolina University offers a wide variety of online courses each semester.


Technical requirements

All courses in this program will be delivered in a distant learning format using the Blackboard Learning Management system. This system includes various requirements for communicating and submitting assignments.

It is expected that for every three semester hour course, students will spend an average of five to eight hours per week engaged in reading, studying, communicating, and completing assignments and assessments.

Students who enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration Completion Program must have access (at home, at work, or through some other source) to a computer, internet service provider (high speed connection—DSL, cable modem, or LAN), and an approved web browser. The approved web browsers are: Microsoft Internet Explorer (7 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (3.x or higher). Mac users will need to have access to the Mozilla Firefox browser. In addition, students must have access to Microsoft Office 2003 (or higher). Students must also have a basic level of computer skills and knowledge of computer operation. In addition, students should have a working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and Internet web-browsing.

For more information about the program, contact: 

Kristi Forbus, MHA

Lecturer and Program Coordinator 

Health Administration Program

Office: 843-349-4166; Email: kforbus@coastal.edu