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The Chanticleer Center for Literacy Education (CCLE) is a publicly funded resource housed in Coastal Carolina University's Spadoni College of Education. Students who are pursuing their Master's of Education in literacy are provided clinical experiences embedded into their graduate literacy coursework.  Additionally, the CCLE engages in community outreach to support students who need additional literacy instruction through after school programs and one-on-one tutoring initiatives.  

Mission Statement

The mission of Coastal Carolina University's Chanticleer Center for Literacy Education (CCLE) is to promote the joy and value of lifelong literacy learning in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. With an emphasis on creating partnerships between families, schools, and educators, the CCLE offers a wide range of services to our community's diverse learners who need additional support in reading and writing while offering in-service and pre-service educators opportunities to explore research-based instructional strategies.  The CCLE embraces its dual role as a resource for literacy education and as an advocate for literacy as a basic, fundamental right for every individual.


Chanticleer Center for Literacy Education

Kearns 207


Jeanne Cobb

Office: Kearns Hall, 207B

Marcie Ellerbe

Office: Kearns Hall, 207C

Todd Cherner

Office: Kearns Hall, 207E

Elena Andrei

Office: Kearns Hall, 207A