Indigenize South Carolina

Survey for SC Educators

All questions in the survey are required.

  1. Which age group do you teach?
  2. Do you teach about Native Americans?
  3. For what purpose do you teach about Native Americans? (select all that apply)
  4. How do you teach about Native Americans? (select all that apply)
  5. What other activities do you include? (select as many as apply)
  6. What kinds of learning or knowledge do you assess? (select as many as apply)
  7. How do you assess student learning in the lesson/unit? (select as many as apply)
  8. Where do you usually obtain the material/information used in your curricula? (select all that apply)
  9. Do you feel that you have access to sufficient information on Native Americans to include this demographic in your instructional practice?
  10. What other Native American resources are you aware of but do not currently use? (select all that apply)
  11. What are the primary reason(s) that other resources are not currently utilized in your curriculum? (select all that apply)
  12. If more relevant and high-quality lessons/units on Native American histories and cultures were readily and freely available to you, would you increase Native American presence in your social studies curricula?
  13. What kinds of information would you like to include on Native American cultures and history? (select all that apply)