Indigenize South Carolina

Needs-Based Survey for Indidenous Students

Please Note: One survey should be submitted for each individual with a tribal identity who attended or is attending a K-12 public school in South Carolina. Surveys may also be submitted on behalf of students in a pre-Kindergarten program in South Carolina. Your participation will help us to improve the educational experiences of Indidenous students, and all students, in our state. Thank you.

All questions in the survey are required to be answered.

  1. What is your current age group?
  2. What is the highest education level you have attained?
  3. In school, how much educational material is (was) there specific to Native American histories or cultures?
  4. Where or how is (was) this material made available to students? (select all that apply)
  5. What do you think motivates (motivated) your teachers to teach about Native Americans? (select all that apply)
  6. In school, how are (were) you taught about Native American histories and cultures? (select all that apply)
  7. Do you feel that your overall education was negatively impacted by the lack of Native American historical and cultural information provided?
  8. Do you feel that your teachers acknowledge(d) your Native American identity?
  9. Do you feel that your teachers respect(ed) your Native American identity?
  10. Have you ever personally experienced a teacher denying your tribal affiliation? (select all that apply)
  11. In your experience, does public education fairly and accurately represent Native Americans?
  12. In your opinion, what responsibility do public school teachers have to provide accurate information about Native American histories and cultures?
  13. What kinds of information would you like to see included in classrooms on Native American cultures and history? (select all that apply)