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Accelerate Your Progress

Coastal Carolina is now offering accelerated degree programs to help students earn a bachelor's and/or master's degree in a shorter amount of time ‌than ‌they would if they were enrolled in traditional college programs. The Degree in Three Program is an accelerated undergraduate program, where students can receive their bachelor's degree in three years by completing an accelerated program that includes summer classes.

The Get More in Four Program is a combined four-year bachelor's and master's program in which students will complete the bachelor's Degree in Three and a one-year master's program.

There are several positive aspects about this program that make it unique to those who wish to enroll. Students enrolled in the Degree in Three Program will receive:

    • Access to early (priority) registration
    • Access to applicable Learning-Living Communities
    • Join a cohort of high performing student leaders
    • Smaller class sizes
    • One-on-One advising and career services
    • Opportunity to participate in unique internships and hands-on learning experiences
    • Finishing your college early, maximizing your earning potential
    • Out-of-state students that enroll in online courses during the summer session(s) pay online tuition rates (equivalent with in-state rates)
    • The potential for receiving a $5,000 Trustee Award for those that meet the criteria